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Trump's Swiss University has millions

This is where the US A lot of money went away from the government: Andrew Zurich Picture: Keystone

There are millions of people at Trump in Trump – but most of them come out of business

Local universities are doing research in the service of the American Armed Forces: the US The army provides funding for various schemes – and especially E.T.

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US There is no secret that the Air Force uses the money for it: "We must maintain our technological superiority, protect the nation and take our opponents seriously." Thus, the US The army is about to save approximately $ 200,000, its dominance in the research project. However, money is not in the USA, but in Switzerland: it is Eury Zurich. EdgeJossec Technech Hochschule has done research in the service of the American Armed Forces.

Pentagon invests a lot of money in Swiss universities. Picture: AP / AP

According to the US government-run government spending website, a $ 200,000 deal is run by September 2020. ETH itself denies the donor publicly. And the US There are also other projects with involvement. Trump Government has filed 600,000 dollars in college for the past two years. Sister University received more: Around 1.4 million EPPLs were collected. A record. The majority are paid by the Pentagon. Participate in air force and navy costs.

Anita Fatz (SP / BS) Picture: Keystone

Can the university with a federally funded university study for foreign governments or violate the project neutrality clause? Anita Fats (SP / BS) states, "The fact is that the US Army is paying for the research of the land, which is a landmark." Even though it is not in huge amounts, it is necessary to question the commitment. Fats says, "Air Force wants to use the findings for their purposes, otherwise they will not invest money in the project."

The best universities in this world are:

Eury Zurich is contradictory. A spokesperson at the request says that it is about basic research. In the case of $ 200,000, it is actually about optimization of algorithms. "U.S. Air Force also supports non-military research." In addition, all results will be published. These findings are not only for the Pentagon but for anyone interested. Payment – except for annual reports – are not subject to any conditions.

But sometimes it's more than algorithms. In 2014, the Air Force invested 140,000 francs in ETA. In turn, scientists worked on new wing models to repair helicopter airplanes or rotor blades wings. Even at that time, Dr. Zurich took a look at the basic research point of view. The air force created from the findings remains open. However, the US The military can hope for the benefits of new technologies.

This self-control learns by the drone algorithms:

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Mag Trump does not like Zurich?

Over the years, the US Government has invested money in Swiss universities. Millions have accumulated over the years (see table). When the Pentagon is typically two ETEs While the interest is in the schemes, the money for other universities usually comes from a less sensitive place. Often the American Health Department supports local researchers. It is about fight against cancer, development of new drugs or complex bioanalysis.

In the past two years, Trump Government has put $ 600,000 in ethane zurich. © Key / Assembly: Cobb Picture: EPO / EPA

However, in the Trump era, the investments have changed. Some universities of EPF, Luzen University ($ 800,000) or St.Galen University ($ 600,000) have received more money than others in opening the Trump, which is more than ever before. Trump's favorite child seems to be University of Burnt. The government has invested only less than three million in the past few months.

Other organizations, however, have broken the fund. According to the database, the University of Zurich did not receive one percent this year, in 2017 it was only $ 8,800. In the Obama era, college received $ 800,000 per year.

Michael Hengertner, Zurich University's Rector Picture: Keystone

Do not Trump Like Zurich University? "I do not think so", says Rector Michael Hengertner with a smile. Funds are usually project-bound and can therefore be different from year to year. He Funding looked positive. Hengartner says that "America's first doctrine applies to research." So if Swiss scientists got money in the competition, it was a reward – and proof or American organizations could not do the same. "You must be almost unique in the world to get money from the U.S. government," he says. However, it is legal to ask why the Defense Department is interested in local research.

For hangars, it is crucial that guarantees freedom of research and those results are published publicly. Usually universities receive grants. Researchers are looking for funding to help implement their own plans, not to contract work by foreign governments. Nevertheless, commitment has been controversial. Councilor Anita Fats is now responding and wants to fund the Pentagon in the State Council's Education Commission. "We have learned how money is spent and what purpose it serves." (

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