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U20 will lose Russia – will have to wait for medals in World Cup – Sport

  • Switzerland U.K. The World Cup lost in Vancouver despite a heartfelt performance in a small final.
  • Russia won another medal with a defeat of Russia 2: 5, 1998.

The Swiss U20-Nation Flag has written the initial round of the title in the small final: near sensation In the group match, Switzerland is considered to be a known opponent on the eye level. But again there was lack of magic to revive the exploitation of the Swedish game.

After 46 minutes, the decisive 4: 2 for Russia took place in a striking manner: Kirill Slippets were shadow very quickly, technically were very skilled for Swiss defense. And Luka was very naughty for the Huntenstein, who was cooling down. Again, with his third hat, Slapts scored the final score of 2 minutes before the end of the game.

There is no more time to wound in Switzerland after a 1-1 draw in the semi-final against Finland. After 18 hours, the U20-Nina had to come back to the rink.

But there was not much to see from fatigue. Even after the initial third deficit of 0: 2 – Slapets (5th) and Nikita Shesko (14th) met for "Sabornja" – Switzerland was not going on. In contrast, Valentin Nasubemer responded with a quick rebound and 5 minutes after the Netzet 1: 2-connecting target.

When Russia's Captain Clim Costin had more snow than him and he made it 3-1 (33), Switzerland was greasy and disgusted. Yannick Bruschwiller found the fruit after about 2 minutes. After failing the Justin Sigrist on the target border, G.C.C. The shot was sent directly to the line by directly reducing the line.

So balance and empathy were very much in the air. Until only the slippers arrived – very fast, a little confusing.

Gold from Finland

U20 is World Champion in Finland. Finn beat USA 3: 2 in the final. Cut Cuck scored a crucial goal 1:26 minutes before the end of the game. For Finland, it is the 5th title of the U20 World Cup.

Transmission: SRF 1, advanced, 6.1.2019, 22:30

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