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UBS Negotiations with potential Errotyte subsequent

Christian Minnar, head of Bank of America's pre-investment bank, can become the new head of UBS. According to insiders, the bank is negotiating.

UBS Group has initial negotiations with the head of the Bank of America's former investment bank, Christian Mistress. It can be the successor of Sergio Erremoto, it is called from the internal circles.

Due to their former status, the masseur (49) could assume the role of the CEO, the negotiators asked the public not to disclose the name. The bank is also considering other candidates and they have not taken any decision.

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UBS Changing the CEO of Europe's longest serving bank Last year, the top position was to fill, such as investment bank head Andrea Orsel and asset manager Jürgen Zillenner.

From 2011 on UBS

After the career of Merrill Lynch and Uni Credits in 2011, Mr Armato joined UBS in 2008 after a government buyout, which proceeded from investment banking to wealth management.

UBSA has intensified the successor planning for ARMOTO. According to insiders, UBS president Excel Webber likes an external candidate for the position. Mr Artoot (58) recently told the investors that the bank plans to succeed in some of the board of directors and thinks to strengthen management.

Born in Austria

Last year, the Maisener left the Bank of America in the middle of a hot inner debate, while the top management re-evaluated and limited some types of transactions. Earlier, a large loan was damaged. According to insiders, the tension had led to the retirement of other investment bankers, who were depressed and thought that they could take more risks and could get more profits elsewhere. In an interview in December, CEO Brian Moynihan said that the bank has become "a bit guarded" and will hire to make the top position again.

Originally studied at Princeton University, Austrian began his career with Goldman Sachs and grew up in the business of Equity Capital Markets. Lehman Brothers had kept the MisRer in 2003, where they were responsible for investment banking in Germany and finally for investment banking in Europe and the Middle East.

US As a result of the subprime crisis, the collapse of the company in September 2008, which stimulates the global financial crisis, has not hurt Missner's career. When the company asked for bankruptcy, he gave bad news in an immediate meeting at Lehman's London office. The New York Times wrote, "It's finished."

After less than two years in Nomura Holdings, he landed in the Bank of America, his previous role with Lehman and continued his progress in global finances.

Last year, Miesner's name was also run, while Deutsche Bank was looking for a new CEO. Christian Sewing: The bank decided on the inner inner candidate.

Planning "Regular"

Missner refused to comment. UBS spokeswoman refused to comment on individuals and said in the earlier statement, "The heritage plan is part of our regular run-the-bank business and it will be there." There is no change in UBS's statement in the UBS statement that the President and the CEO had previously talked about the time of the plan, process and succession.

In a published interview this week, Webber told Tag-Agger that she wants to stay in its position at least until 2022. Recently, he also said that there is a talented pool in the bank. Asked about the success of the bank's investors in October, Mr ARMOTA said that it was in the board of directors, "as far as I am in my power and passion for the people who believe that it is good, I will do it» »

Martin Blessing and co-head of wealth management, Tom Naratil, were considered an inner favorite for the successor to Aromato. In February, Ermotti told "Bilanz" that he would come out of the subsequent bank. At that time, he said, "If my successor came from outside, maybe something would not have been going well." (Mlo)

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