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Uefa clarification on FFP scam: the pressure of PSG, ManCity and Infantino is growing



We have to pay $ 220 million.

We have to pay $ 220 million.(Photo: Photo-pair / Jonathan Brad)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

All clubs of the EFA's Financial Fair Play Association apply. According to the recent disclosure, special rules apply to two Sheikh clubs. Ufafah responds after a massive popular criticism.

If there are new findings in some cases, the UFFI has reviewed the possibilities of the Final Masters contest. "If the new information is relevant to this assessment, the Ufa will use it to challenge it and ask for the connection related to the clarification for clarification," said a European Commission. Football Union. "If new information indicates that previous cases have been misused, these cases can be resumed based on a case."

The Continental Confederation is not of particular opinion on the controversial cases of Paris St-Germain and Manchester City. Ufafah responded to investigations against two clubs supporting crores of people from the Gulf region. The FFP approach explicitly stated that "it applies universally to all clubs who apply for Ufa licenses and participate in European club competitions".

"The Sphere" alleges that the UEFA Secretary General and FIFA Bose Jiani Infantry were involved in the settlement discussions with the two clubs in 2014 from the Football Lee platform. Finally, Qatar received a short judgment via the Eufas Club Financial Control Body (CFCC) against Abu Dhabi Club. Infantino denies the allegations and communicates with the club's rules.

Uefa wants to make the club more fun in club football using financial fair play. Clubs are not allowed to pay more and donations from sponsors should be generalized. Spending huge amounts in the transfer market is to block clubs.



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