Thursday , July 29 2021

Van Karpenal: "Any silence lost" – who makes him angry?

Van Castres can sing his song when it comes to discipline programs. Usually it insults the flying colors of social media, but now it breaks the caller.

Last Tuesday (November 20), Van Karpendale talked about its frustration on the SAT.1 "Breakfast TV" on "Winterstorm".

However, it usually exposes the winds with microscopes, how annoying observers are upset about how they wear their child or describe them and their wife, Animory (41) as "annoyers", but when it comes down When it happens to the fighting lion The worst thing is, a smart actor gets "dreadful overmummies", which never lose the chance to create his absurd teachings. They speak plain language with them.

Since the birth of a small "Mr C" in May this year, the smallest detail of each and every day of his animation has been investigated. "I was afraid of moments when I sat on a plane with a smile, during all the time, the mother is the worst, who constantly feed, educate, and educate your child," 41-year-old Sat.1 "Breakfast TV "

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