Wednesday , May 18 2022

Vibe is broken in Manchester United


Youngsters in Old Trafford had an honorable success in the Premier Class! At the time of the injury, Marion Fellane shot 1: 0 for Manchester United – and thus HB heart beat.

Mourinho fully photographed

Fellani destroyed all YB hopes

The game: This evening, the best evening comes out of the pitch – Traveled YB supporters schedule the top atmosphere in Old Trafford. Even before kickoff Even in the hot start stage, in which the burns come in the pressure. And YB defender Steve von Bergen needs to stay in the cabin during break. Until the game continues, the Swiss champions become more and more lax and they also grow louder, and they start making their first opportunity. Like the 70th minute, while Manuda Golini De Gaye has to unpack a huge parade on the line to prevent YB's lead. Bernish's followers sing and sing – and impress. And the players? The increase in the game during this game is that there is a real honorable victory against the English record champion at the end. Or not? No! Because Marwen shakes Vibe at the time of Fellay's injury – and quietly silences YB fans for a short time.

91m min, 1: 0 | Maruen Faley | After the show cross, Lukaku extends its header – directly to Feleni, which brings the first ball under control and then hits the lower right corner of the curve. But before that helped the hand? It was difficult to look for a reef. Trainer Jose Mourinho This does not matter. He wandered completely through the way for fun (see video above).

Best: David de Gia It is astonishing how united Golli is moving a distracted shot from the line.

worst: Marcus Rushford England's star can make a decision on the game alone, but it can forgive its various opportunities, sometimes it is painful.

She said: Both coaches are amazing with their lineup Jose Mourinho left his superstar Paul Poga and Romleu Lukaku on the bench. This same future Yb coach Gary Zion brings regular Christian fasnat Bloodshed begins with the young trio in Berne's Central Midfield: Luper, Saw and Abishcher.

So it goes ahead: YB still has the chance to win the Champions League in this group stage, though this work is very difficult. On December 12, Juventus Credano will join Ronaldo Stade de Suis (9 pm).

Manchester United – YB 1: 0 (0: 0)
Old Trafford 75,000 fans SR: Brick (D)
Tor: 91. Fellow's 1: 0
ManUtd: De gia; Valencia, Jones, Smoling, Shaw; Fellée, Matte, Fred; Lingard, Rushford, Marshall
YB: From Ballmoos; Bergen, Benito to Mbabu, Camerah; Lauper; Sullamani, Saw, Abhishek, Asalay; Nsame
Substitution of players: Manufacturing: Lukaku (64th for Linggaard). Pogda (64. For Fred). Mother (73rd for Valencia). YB: Garcia (46th for Bergen). Phasnach (66. Sulejmani). like this. Ngamaleu (82nd name).
Yellow: 22. METAL (FOUL). 48. Camerah (foul). 61. Benito (Foul). 72 Valencia (Foul).
Remarks: (Man) irritated without Lindelöf. Vibe without Sanguo (Suspended) and Horace (irritated)

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