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What exactly does bitcoin help to fly 29/6/19


In 2019, beatcine celebrates an impressive return. The world's largest crypticurrency price has risen more than 200% this year. And the environment speaks up to continue the upward trend.

Bitcoin recently hit a figure of about $ 14,000 and continued its recovery from the beginning of the year. The biggest cryptuctoration in December was $ 3,178, but since then it is planning an impressive recovery rally. Digital currency gives crypto an extremely positive environment advantage.


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Trade war and recession worries

For example, the US Geographic political factors like trade disputes between China and China have led many investors to find investment options. Additional fears in China-American customs controversy have led investors to speculate to flee safely. This has not only benefited the price of gold, which has recently reached its peak level in six years, predicts a possible advance for experts. The crypto market is also gaining popularity due to uncertainty in the financial markets, due to the fact that grayscale-like digital cryptographers of digital currency

Facebook makes Libra Krypto socially acceptable

Bitcoin prices have increased in recent months with the growing interest of institutional investors. Meanwhile, groups of new investors can greatly increase the number of stabilized coins Libra introduced by Facebook. Facebook is very similar to a bitcoin on the blockbank technology, even if it is not made locally. Libra should be the perfect means of payment nationwide and should be possible within the Facebook universe. This crypto will make the concept more widely available – after all, Facebook and Daughters are Instagram and WhatsApp Several billion potential users This also benefits bitcoin, which is still suffering from very little acceptance.

Halving as the Main Price Driver?

However, some experts do not see Bitcoin's recent climb as a cause for concern about a stock market or a Facebook coin, instead, the specialist is often referred to as the "halving", which is in May next year. At this point, the Bitcoin Minor Award will be solved with current 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins per block for controlling inflation. This inconvenience has been set in the bitcoin software and takes approximately every four years after about 210,000 new bitcoins. "Bitcoin's current inflation is around 3.76%," MTR's senior market analyst Mitti Greenspan said that CNBC's Social Trading Platform "In May next year, the quota will be reduced to 1.8%."

Digging bitcoin will be more expensive and less attractive – at the same time, the supply will be less. If the demand remains high, then the bitcoins will continue to rise in the stock market, and the value of digital asset will increase. Crypto Comparion CEO Charles Hatter said that "it is tightening of supplies that accelerate prices and expect low-liquidity hits the market." Because the total number of bitcoins is limited to 21 million units – of which 80 percent have already been minded.


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