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Why the euro falls at an annual low | 13/8/19

On Tuesday morning the euro dropped slightly.

Recently, the common currency is priced at EUR 1,1189, which is slightly lower than Asian trade.

The US Dollar was again able to reach CHF 0.97 against the Swiss franc and finally traded at CHF 0.9716. The night before, the US currency was valued at 0.9695 francs. The euro dropped to a new low for the year of 1.0861 Swiss francs in a few years and recently traded again at 1.0872 Swiss francs, but a slight change from the previous day. Some traders suspect that the SNB will be used to weaken Frank. The night interrupted in Singapore.


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In the foreign exchange market, a growing number of political risks are at the forefront. Voting is going to take place on that date for a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in the government crisis in Italy. In addition, concerns about the uncontrolled UK exit from the European Union have been a major issue.

Add to that the ongoing protests in Hong Kong's special administrative area and the upheaval in the politically motivated market in Argentina. In this environment, investors are increasingly looking for the US dollar. In turn, the euro and many other currencies will be charged slightly.

During the day, new economic data should be considered. In Germany, the ZW indicator highlights an important sentiment barometer of economic sentiment. US Consumer prices are pending for data release in the US Important for the Federal Reserve's monetary policy.

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