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With laboratory tests on the track following illnesses



By Elz Romahn

(11.27.2018) According to the Federal Center for Health Education, 88,400 people in Germany live with HIV infection. At least in this country, HIV is no longer a death penalty. Studies show that young people who have treated modern HIV medicines have a normal life expectancy.

However, early diagnosis remains important. HIV advocates infection with other sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) such as hepatitis B or C, as well as minor diseases such as kidney failure. On 1 December 2018, the IPF states on World AIDS Day: Laboratory research helps identify the initial risks.

Liver inflammation as an associated infection in HIV
Hepatitis C (HCV) and B (HBV) are one of the common diseases that can be detected with HIV infection. Experts have reason to see why the transmission path is similar. Among people with HIV, the risk of Chronic Hepatitis B is three to five times greater. In addition, hepatitis is more common in HIV infection. The affected people develop syrrosis and liver cancer many times and earlier. Expert organizations, such as the German Society for Infectious Diseases and German AIDS, recommend that people with HIV will regularly check for hepatitis. For this purpose, blood sample laboratories determine appropriate antibodies.

Diagnosis of the sequelae of the kidneys in time
HIV The virus can damage the body parts directly or indirectly. In this, among other people, kidneys are included. Their filtering work is reduced, they can make the organism worse ever. In addition, medicines against HIV infection also emphasize the kidneys. Germany AIDS-Hilf has advised experts that the kidneys will be examined once or twice a year. Laboratory chemists use blood and urine samples to analyze laboratory and urea values ​​and to verify that the value of proteins and electrolytes is true. This shows how the kidneys function.

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