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World Diabetes Day: provides Kental Hospital uti experts


Most people are infected with diabetes. Answer the FAQ on the topic of Patricia, Nutrition Counseling, Esther Hangerer, and Diabetes Consultant.

Patrick Jauch-Herger, Nutrition Counseling at Yuri Kantel Hospital, advises a diagnosis. (Picture: PD)

Patrick Jauch-Herger, Nutrition Counseling at Yuri Kantel Hospital, advises a diagnosis. (Picture: PD)

World Diabetes Day began in 1991, when the number of diabetes worldwide was rapidly growing. In 1921, Charles Herbert celebrated the birthday of Frederick G Banding with Bestin. In a statement in the Cancer Hospital, Uri says:

This day, diabetes, its causes and its impact on the lives of those affected it should bring to the notice of the world. "Above all, diabetes is not less of a problem, but more and more people around the world need to live with disease." The Swiss Diabetes Society (SDG) writes.

Is an early discovery of diabetes possible?

Ester's Hangular: Type 2 diabetes is preceded by diabetic patients in adults. If a person is in a risk group, the family doctor will regularly check the blood sugar level. Hence, high blood sugar levels can be detected in the early years and in the context of lifestyle changes with the help of nutrition counseling. Primary diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in childhood and adolescence can not be developed at any point in life. This is due to the suspension of the production of pancreas insulin, which is unpredictable.

Esther Hangels is a diabetic expert at the Uri കാന്തൽ ആശുപത്രി. (Picture: PD)

Esther Hangels is a diabetic expert at the Uri കാന്തൽ ആശുപത്രി. (Picture: PD)

Risk Group? How does someone care about whether he has a diabetic pandemic?

Esther Hunkler: For example, a person who is overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, is more likely to have diabetes. As these are closely related to people with diabetes, these factors are added – for example, father, mother or brother. However, despite the typical body weight, family can develop biopic and diabetes. Furthermore, studies have shown that normal physical activity to prevent diabetes is effective.

The cold season is cool. What does this mean for diabetes?

Esther Hunkler: Effective blood sugar levels directly. Diabetes counseling often asks for nutrition. It is then discussed in the Nutrition Council. I will explain clinical diagnosis in diabetic counseling. They also learn how to measure blood sugar. In addition, patients should learn to understand their individual diabetic therapy. This can be either a drug or an act of insulin control. If someone injures insulin, he or she will train. Diabetes aimed at handling diabetes with the help of doctors.

Patrick Jauch: Do not eat sweets with diabetes. Usually, after a major meal, it is meant to plan desserts and sweets.

Is it diabetic eating lots of sweet cakes?

Patrik Jauch: People often say, but they are right. Overweight or, especially, excess stomach fat is an important ingredient. That is the greatest impact. It is not only the influence of white sugar but the amount of carbohydrates that affects fructose, starch, malt sugar and milk sugar. In addition to the weight and stomach pain, there is a free influence on the 2 "outbreaks" of diabetes. A supply of measurement – including sweets – includes a balanced diet.

Usually malnutrition. How does disease risk really depend on diet?

Patrik Jauch: A good balanced diet is essential for maintaining good health. It's not just eating vegetables, but overall balance. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and many other diseases have long been known to avoid diseases. But not 100 percent. Nutrition or malnutrition is a dangerous factor in the tradition and environment, smoking and smoking.

Is diabetes a good prosperity?

Esther Handler: Yes, it's part of our society's abundance. A large proportion of the population follows a desperid work. In addition, food is available everywhere, especially high energy, high calorie foods. Both factors encourage overweight. This is a risk factor for diabetes early.

Morning up, a cup of coffee, a espresso. What do you say as a dietitian?

Patrick Jauch: Breakfast is important. Diabetes, obesity, or consequences are less likely to be a risk due to breakfast. That's why I'm going to cancel coffee. Especially with the coffee, it assumes that there are good effects on the heart rate. However, I consider myself nutrition counseling to imagine my eating of breakfast. In most cases, I will set a specific goal until next meeting.

Eat healthy, avoid diabetes. Can you say

Patrik Jauch: Avoid a fake word, but it is delayed. If you consume a healthy diet, you will get type 2 diabetes instead of 60 years instead of 90 years 90 years of age if you have a strong family background. Type 1 diabetes has nothing to do with life. Although the lifestyle is healthy, it affects both young and old.

Do diabetes need more sports?

Esther Hunkler: Yes, of course. Physical activity is an important part of the treatment because exercising to reduce blood sugar without insulin. With less than 150 minutes of diabetes mellitus, it produces good results in the metabolism of sugar. 60 minutes swimming swimming for a week, cycling for 30 minutes at home, speeding up to 30 hours at home, after a four-hour dinner week. Of course, if one goes for more than 150 minutes a week, it does not matter.

Does diabetes have any special dietary recommendations?

Patrik Jauch: Today the basic balanced diet is based on recommendations. The "right" diet, however, is ideal for proper therapy. The only way to focus on lifestyle behavior, eating tablets or insulin injection is fundamentally different from recommendations. It is important to know the possibilities and decide how long you want to do or not. We want to achieve a lifestyle change, wanting to implement the most important cornerstones in any other day-to-day life. That is why we recommend individual consultations instead of more common information.

If there is a question about their food and health, will a person get to your hospital?

Patrick Jauch: Yes, in the case of diabetes, each person is eligible for calendar year between six and twelve nutritional consultations and nine diabetic patients. If you have a medical prescription, they take the basic insurance of health insurance. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the issue of using a family doctor. (PD / ml)

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