Tuesday , January 26 2021

Zag Triggers Burn in Penalty Crime Final Tickets

The ECC made it! For the first time after the 2014 Hockey Cup reunion, Central Swiss is the next quarter-finalist against the next B-Leggist SCRJ, a year after 1: 5. And meet again on February 3 at Lakers.

SC Burn – EVA Zeug 2: 3 NP (0: 0, 2: 1, 0: 1)

Ironically, it is a backbencher from the third row that sends the way for the ECC to win. Many people are already focusing on the progress of Bernese, it is the Yanik-Lenart Albrecht, who returns to the game again.

The Velas Striker, who switched from SCL Tigers to Zag for this season, was very scared, only twice. 22 (!) Games Last Before On February 25, against Freiburg. By SCB Defender Yanik Brennan and Adam Alamquist, the disc is on the elbatch.

In the final phase of the regular season, the SCB often wins the victory. When Jesse Zagraggen and Miro Zieed are standing along the way, then the SCB Captain Simon Moser Evispace Tobias Stephen is compromised, but he fails. And Justin Kruger, lying on the Syren Line, seconds before I ignored a shot.

Overtime, however, is a better opportunity in the ECC. SCB keeper Leonardo Jenna often closes Shampa, Simon, and Adelaat – and David McIntyre wrestles in the swinging style behind the goal.

Thanks to Roe and Sentler in the Zoo Penalty Shootout. In SCB, there is only laugh. Centre said, "It was like a playoff." Now we have shown that we can do that. "SCB-Moser is disappointed:" It hurts. Apart from the last ten minutes, we can not be more blamed ourselves. "

From Bernice's perspective, positive? Ramon Unsender can end his balance problem.

Route: The Cup Final will take place in Rapperswil on February 3 – As a result, after the semi-finals, the draw was at home.

How To Defend the Zugar Finals, Rappersville-Joanna Lakers, beat Tigers, read here!

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