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Australian Open has fought for more than 5 hours! Jin Ziguai Quito Shui – wants to win Zhangshi News

After losing five sets of Boost's five-set battle to Gugue, he furiously threw his racket bag. (AP)

2019 Australian Net Men Singles 16 Strong Fighting, Five Hours and Five-Minute Marathon War, eighth edition of the conference, Japan's good hand, Jen Ziguie, is passing through a five-player campaign, Jin Ziguie has not lost three sets just before three sets. In the disc, 10th game of the decisive set was withdrawn from 5 points behind 5: 8 and finally 6: 7 (8:10), 4: 6, 7: 6 (7: 4), 6: 4, 7 . : 6 (10: 8) Lecta Spanish Pablo Carreño Basta, ranked in the top 8.

Jean Ziguai currently has more than 2 hours in four games. The fastest 32 is bigger. After two hours and six minutes, he scored three straight sets to solve the Portuguese player Joao Susa. The other three games entered the fifth. In the first round, the opponent finally retired into the fifth set and let Jin Ziguine move ahead a little faster.

Nishikori has shown a sharp fight and a major reversal today. The official website of the Australian Open is "the real fighter" and its top 8 battles are against Serbian star Novak Djokovic and Russia's Danil Medvedev. The winner of the game, while Nishikori has 2 wins and 15 defeat against Shu Shui. When he was interviewed, he said that Jokovic is the opponent who wants to defeat it most often.

"The power of Quiao Schuyz is different from Federer or Nadal. His game is very hard, I still can not find any way to break it. However, I'm still moving towards it and I think he is playing against me. Nishikori said, "It is not very comfortable." I still feel that I am making progress so I have been encouraged. I am encouraged that I have been playing tennis for more than 15 years. It also seems that the development of space for me. I hope that I can no longer go to the Grand Slam stage. "

(China Times Newsletter)

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