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Chinese African Swine Fever Transmission Route, official: Human-carrying vehicle is the main cause of transmission. Techniques

China's Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry held its first press conference on the epidemic of African swine fever. Officials said that among the well-known spreads, the spread of viruses caused by people and vehicles is the main way of spreading.

Huang Bao, deputy director of the Chian Center for Animal Health and Apheemmyology, said in a press conference that there are three main ways of spreading 68 Pigs epidemic:

First, live pigs and their products are transported to the regions. Due to off-site transportation, due to the total spread of 13, all the lungs account for about 19%.

The other is to feed pigs to the rest of the kitchen. 23 spreads due to feeding the kitchen waste, which accounts for 34% of all lungs.

The third is the spread of drugs and vehicles. Vehicles and Trafficers to transport vehicles Pigs of the vehicle have not been completely disinfected in other farms. This is the most important way of spreading the current epidemic, which accounts for about 46% of all lungs.

Huang Bao has continued that the African swine fever of China was introduced from abroad, and the virus is related to the gene type II. The homogenization of the complete gnomon sequence of varieties released by Georgia, Russia and Poland is approximately 99.95%.

He noted that China has four main ways for the introduction of African Swine fever: is an international trade and smugglers of pig and their products, pork and its products are run by international passengers, and on the third international flights there is food and kitchen surplus. It's shifting a wild boar.

Feng Zhongwu, deputy director of Animal Pastoral and Veterinary Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that countries eliminating African swine fever pandemics in international communities have spent more than five years and 30 years. The prevention and control of China's epidemic is also complex and long-term.

He said that African swine fever pandemic in China has continued to increase so far and the reasons for prevention and control are not easy. In addition to China's long border line, besides domestic risk factors, besides risks of smuggling and epidemic countries, besides introduction of viruses.

Feng Zhongwu said that there are 26 million small scale farmers in China, farming practices are backward, bio-safety levels are low, pig production and consumption areas are uneven, and long-term transportation of pigs and their products will continue. These factors have increased greatly. Trouble preventing and controlling disease

The only case of wild boar in China happened in the province of Jilin. Huang Bao continued that viruses and pigs have various epidemics. Due to the detection of border conditions, it is likely to erupt.

He said that if African pigates spread in wild boars, they would increase the problem of prevention and control. In the current winter, it is favorable for the survival of the African Swine Fever virus, which is not cold. In addition, wild boars are difficult to find in winter winters, and the risk of finding food in the surrounding areas of farmers and spreading pests in local pigs has increased. If the situation of wild pigs and pandemic-dominated domestic pigs is worsened, pandemic prevention and control will become more complex.

On August 3, the first case of African swine fever was detected in China, by 22 November, there were 73 local pigs of oceans and 20 provinces and cities had wild pigs, and 600,000 pigs were cut off. According to the rules, 24 pestilential areas have been lifted in 7 provinces.

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