Wednesday , January 20 2021

Epic Game 2018 Hears 92.3 Billion online store, castle hero push. | ITAT game cloud

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The developer of Fortress Heroes, Epic, promoted the valuation of the company to $ 15 billion (NT $ 461.7 billion) in 2018, but more sources reported that in 2018 Epic's annual revenue was as high as $ 3 billion (NT NS). Epic did not respond to such allegations of income.

It is understood that Epic's most well-known works are naturally "Fortress Heroes", which relies on free play mode and most shameful Big Escape gameplay, which is widely loved by many players, and Epic "Fortress Heroes Earn money

In addition to its own sports brand, Epic itself is also a game engine vendor, as well as the recently opened online store store Epic Games Store, it is to be said that in the future Epic Games store will be Steve's biggest competitor, not only potentially promising, it is believed that platform Epic Will generate more revenue for

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