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EPS 1.19 yuan 7 year high in China's first three quarters


2018-11-12 17:32From

Central News Agency, Taipei, 12th

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ZhonggangRegarding the merger, the company's revenue was announced in the first three quartersIncomeProfits are higher than the first three quarter than last yearEps Juan, the most from 2011. "This year, domestic sales have increased and Zoostel's fourth quarter capacity is totally profitable," he said.

Sunsto's third quarter revenues grew by 15.54 per cent to 15.54 per cent, net profit stood at 13.84 per cent, operating profit of 10.22 billion yuan, 25.15 million yuan, 111.23 percent annual increase, 9.71 billion yuan before tax, 93.04 percent and parent company's net surplus 7.23 billion yuan, The increase in EPS value was 0.47 yuan, up from 0.23 yuan in the corresponding period last year.

During the first three quarters, the net profit of 196.654 billion yuan, 12.26% yield profit, 51.90% yield, 2,354.9 billion yuan, 58.93% yuan, tax attribution of 18.4 billion yuan, ie 72.82% and EPS 1.19 yuan respectively.

The domestic sales price of the synopsis has risen in different parts of the year and is based on the base price of the third quarter. The company's revenue and profitability recorded third quarter.

In the third quarter, Sunstay's profit stood at 511.09 million yuan compared to 119.24 million yuan in the same quarter last year. In the first three quarters, the loss was 1.43 billion yuan ($ 1,632.47 million). Yuan improved.

Siestiel pointed out that the SoyoTeel, which invested in iron ore production in Australia this year, is not as good as last year, declining dividend revenue and the main reason for losses outside of the company. When the festival rallied, the operatingbook again loses the loss of NTO by losing the unsustainable income.

The fourth quarter is half full, and China's steel orders are full and full, but the lower one rolling mills are much slower.

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