Friday , September 17 2021

Google publishes its first platform security report! Mobile phone insurance do the two things for the first time |

(Image / Flip from Flicker, CC BY 2.0)

Google then launched its first Android ecosystem security transparency report to show Google's efforts with Android Platform Security. This report also reveals Google's security surveys for various Android app platforms, which use PHA (potentially harmful apps) to represent the security of each platform.

In total, Google Play believes Google is still safe, PHA is 9x average, and 0.09% of apps are considered a potential threat, and 0.08% less than the average of the last three seasons.

Android PHA is 0.66% like Android PHA, 0.06% for Android 9.0, Android should be upgraded if it has the best Android platform. Choosing to download apps on Google Play may be a convenient and effective way.

In fact, Google releases security reports for Android platform every year. Google has pointed out that future quarterly repatriation will gradually publish free securities reports to meet the security trend.

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