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Green land moves in a blue sky! DPP judges "Geo Jiuu Review" Netizens are completely angry Election | New head shell nitok


Central Committee Judge Zan Zinjian said,

Central Committee Judge Zan Jinjian said, "It is necessary to review a young and watering member." Gao Jiu replied that if someone asked him to review it, he would review.

In the election of the Mayai of Taipei, Democratic Progressive Party candidate Yao Vanzie was defeated by 244,641 votes. Conversely, Gayo Jiyuan, a member of the Taipei city of the same party, was re-elected by 1759 votes. . However, in response to DPP's fiasco, Chinese Jury Judge Jean Jang (27) said "It is necessary to review a young and watering member." Gao Jiu replied that if someone asked him to review it, he would review it.

Although Yo Vengezi and Gao Jiu are both members of the Democratic Progressive Party, but they are often linked before the election. Gao Jiao has more irritation after the election. "Thanks to Yao Venza's sacrifice, I re-elected." In this context, Zan Zinzia wrote on Facebook that "he is the party's judge at the party. It is really necessary to review the young, watered member of Parliament, which will help in selecting other non-party Mayor candidates before the election." Party discipline behavior "It has been shown that it is not Yao Powder, Gaia does not inspire Jiyu," you have not been elected to become a member of Parliament, so there is no need to be very kind, is it that for a long time? How are you talking about the candidates of the election predecessors, and how do you think you are happy with someone else? "

Gao Jaiyu replied that the revival of Yao Venzi focuses on it. She believed that Yao Wenzie sacrificed herself to pick her up. Although everyone can have different interpretations, it does not have any meaning. I really appreciate Yao Venzi. "If someone asks me to review, I will review it thoroughly."

Zhang Xianjian's action has caused large numbers of leaders to become disgruntled and angry. "DPP does not really know the fact that it will only review others." "The main players defeated the defeat, but rather the winner striker was attacked to come out." "Do not you laugh? Before that, Yao Vanzi went to meet him, why do not you jump and talk about this? Let's talk to each other, and then open a joke to review it. , And can lose in 2020 and set a hot discussion.

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