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Listen to your bowels and avoid age when you are young! Supply probiotics and "intestine" to protect health | Hepatibiliary and Gastroenterology | Internal medicine Health check


In October, he invited the participants of the role of "intellectual health" at the anti-aging medicine at the academic seminar, inviting the Taiwan Anne- aging Regenerative Medicine Association.

What's the link between intestines and aging?

In December 2015, under the title "Why We Age" ("Let's Age") of the world's "Science" scientific journals. In it, the gut microbial.

To conduct this type of adult research, a group of healthy elderly people have a sense of how to look at the difference between the average person and the average person. Naturally, the study of intestinal and adult medicine is different. Baisuiren's bowels differ greatly from Baisuirui's intestinal biodiversity.

Several studies have found that gas disbysiosis and intestinal disabilities cause too much and can lead to lethal swelling, swelling, immune system, and chronic inflammation. Inflammation and aging can be distinguished, scholars have suggested, "Inflammaymaging (inflammation + aging)".

Many long-term illnesses are commonly used in modern society, such as Parsus disease, Alzheimer's disease, Cognitive deir Arrhythmias, Sarkopiania, Bone Disease, Dysoner Arthritis, Pulmonary Diseases, Stroke, Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Inflammation, Diseases, Obesity, Intestinal Infections, Cancer, Cancer etc.

Elderly teeth have been used for decades, and since this activity is essentially changing or degrading, there are a number of problems that need to be known:

Firstly, due to gastritic acid screwness or astrophic gastritis, absorption of nutrients is controlled by folic acid, vitamin B12, calcium and iron, nutrients.

Second, due to poor peristalsis, the effects of digestion and absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients may affect;

Third, it is easy to develop intestinal flux imbalance due to gastritis or drug use, as well as gastritis or absorption. Insufficient gastrointestinal bacterial growth (SIBO) and absorption of SIBO in the nutrient.

In addition, the intestine problems are relatively weaker and weaker for the discarded items of alcohol, anti-conflicts, drugs, and medicines. Therefore, alcohol should be avoided.

When you pay attention to your intestines and get older, get the following instructions:

Multi-fiber, plant-based diet is the basis of diet, diet and good fat.

N nutrients may be absorbed, and probiotics / prebiotics help maintain intestinal balance as proper supplements.

Regular exercise and nutrition, good sleep and stress in addition to food and nutrition, ie, do not adjust the way your lifestyle changes.

Do not ignore pressure! Studies have shown that stress is easy to develop into intestinal tract and increased tumor hormones, so high-pressure people often have gastrointestinal symptoms or inflammatory diseases.

Avoid alcohol, avoid drug use, drug stimulation, antibiotics, and drugs suppressed by gastric acid.

Health mental status is very important! Dujian, a resident of Sichuan in China, was known as the long-awaited birthplace. He asked for a long life how long he lived. "Peace of mind, everything is open, not disputes, neither self-injurious." "Hard work, simple and hardwork" is "not a person, no harm, but honestly living."

Mood can influence behavior, behavioral habits, habits are leading to health.

We know that success is not a conceit, it depends on the usual accumulation.

Health, adults, and health should not be taken, but only normal efforts.

Don Henry Wu, Dr. Wu Jiang, blog

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