Monday , August 15 2022

Loan interest rate to 6%, US housing market fears Americas daily


The US housing market is worried that the Federal Reserve is expected to raise interest rates next month because of reduction in US savings growth.

America's mortgage loan interest rate has soared recently. The current 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 5.17 per cent. This is the highest level of nine years. The US housing market is concerned about the increase in interest rates to increase the interest rate on the base rate next month. The 30-year mortgage interest rate has increased to 95 basis points since the start of this year's "Wall Street News" (2018), which now boosts to 5.17 per cent. Mortgage loan interest rates continue to affect the US as the interest rates continue to increase. Housing Market.

Economist Wolf Riccardo believes that if the mortgage rate rises to 6% then the real estate market in the US will be damaged. Reuters explained that if the mortgage interest rate exceeded a 6 per cent rate, several vehicles supporting the current purchase price and sellers who sell their home are facing serious details.

Richard predicts that when the mortgage market reaches 6%, it will reach 2019, after the US Federal Reserve has raised the interest rate three times. Free Times 1118

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