Thursday , June 8 2023

Mars Rover is 100 million miles away from the Earth


A huge grassroots robot that is about 126 million km away from Earth is left on the Great Glacier Earth alone. For the past six years, it has been awake and waits for the order, not soon after sunrise.

At 9:30 am, a command line from California came in 15 minutes before the order: "Go for 10 meters, go up to 45 degrees and autoplot it now."

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Mars Rover, Curiosity, moves to a fixed position between 35 and 100 meters per hour.

Curiositis batteries and other constructions are limited to a maximum of 100 meters per day. The highest record of Mars was 220 meters long.

With the real arrival in the right place, 17 cameras will start filming around. A laser is used to evaporate from the rock's surface and analyze the spectrum, which helps to create interesting stones in a small sample for study.

One of the three NASA satellites around Mars on Tuesday evening will be one of the curiosities. Human rights activists of the earth through the underground antennae have hundreds of MBs. (Million bytes) to send scientific data.

NASA JADE Propulsion Laboratory around the world, Pasadena, Calif. A group of 24 men and women are conducting a curiocent.

Frank Hartmann, who worked with Curiosity and former Mars Rover Opportunity, said: "My favorite part of the day is to find images from Mars to determine the fate of an investigative car.

The length of Mars is 24 hours and 40 minutes on Mars, the next day of Mars is a series of car propositions.

They do not work with joystick or communicate with an investigating car so it is time to understand the condition of the driver. Earlier this year, council drills took a few months to stop drinking a mortar dust by storm, or by a sharp stone on a curiosity cycle earlier this year.

Hartmann said: "We have never gone to these places and we should always remember very little about what's going to happen."

(Central News Agency)

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