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Mysterious Frontline Bold Island Sightseeing Trial Operation Receives Appreciation Next year officially open | Local | Latest News

Jin Jinman County Government has been fighting for the National Defense Ministry for many years.
Jin Jinman County Government has been fighting for the National Defense Ministry for many years. "Bold Island" was opened on July 26 for sightseeing. (Photo / Reporter Lu Yachting)

The Golden Gate "Bold Island", termed "the islands outside the islands", was opened for operation on July 26th. The trial work will be completed by the end of October. It is estimated that the number of tourists visiting the island will reach 3,000 and will be officially in Ming (2019). Open operation

The Genman County Government said that to overcome the 60th Anniversary of the Battle of the Battle of Artillery, the Bould Island trial operation was opened on July 26th. By September 30, the total number of people on the island reached 1,968. It is expected that the experimental work will be completed in late October. The number of tourists will reach 3,000.

Bold name was a big burden. On July 26, 1950, the war broke out in the great world of the second world. 700 soldiers crossed the sea and attacked the island of Brave Island. National army's battalion commander, Master Shi Hangfeng, faced more than 300 officers and men with headache. In the bloody battle, more than 300 people were killed and 252 people were arrested. In 1951, Chiang visited the island of Ching-ku and named it "Bold Island". On the island, he wrote that "the island is not alone" is a stone monument.

Bold Island with an area of ​​0.91 square kilometers is only 4,400 meters from China's mainland, and the area of ​​0.27 square kilometers of Arden Island is 800 meters from Boulder Island. Because it is near the side of Xiamen, it has the title of "front line in front line". At that time, you can see Bould Island with buildings around Zianman Island Road. On Bold Island, mobile phones will roam the Chinese telecom operators' network.

With the implementation of cross-country relations and strict action of the National Army, the second largest island has gradually reduced. Currently, more than 100 soldiers and fewer than 40 people on the island have settled on Bold Island. There are no residents living on the island. Due to its highly competitive characteristics, Keyman County Government has actively requested the National Defense Ministry to open the island for tourism.

The daring island has a spectacular sightseeing system to take the group to join the island, and tourists will have to stay on the island one night to go to the island. Genman County Government also cooperates with airlines to launch "Golden Gate Double Canon 55 Project". If you have an army officer certificate, Golden Gate veteran order or veteran card, you can enjoy a 55% discount on ticket purchases, and the offer will end on December 31. Jeanman County Government has said that in Dan Island, the share of senior citizens reached 60%, which led to senior leaders to successfully return to the Gold Tourists crowd.

The Boulder Island is expected to officially open its Sightseeing Operations next year, and the time is still uncertain. In the famous sightseeing places on Bold Island, the inscription's bold stone, "Junk" is not the only island inscription by Jianggu, which produces chickens with the spring of domestic water, the famous Shencon tea house which captures spring cakes and "three in the mountainous mountain" People ". Integration of China is the heart of the slogan wall.

In the bold island
The bold formula wall of "China's Three Principles Integration" in the bold island is facing the wall Xiamen Port and it has become a popular landmark. (Photo / Reporter Lu Yachting)
During the Golden Gate Artillery War, according to the grave stone, before the shelling of the Golden Gate, it first spreads its wings and flies to hide alerts, so that officers and soldiers can avoid time and save their lives. To him
Before firing on the other side during the gun battle of Golden Gate, the tomb of Gods gods on the northern mountain of Bold vicious island, he first spreads his wings and flies to hide the police, so that officials and soldiers can avoid and save his life. Known as "Lord Chicken". (Photo / Reporter Lu Yachting)

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