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NBA / Brack's Magical Leather Kita's Pistons Reverse River On Tiến nanoras | Basketball bold |


Reggae Bullek (center) is complete. (Photo / associated press / dams image)

Dwayne Cassy, ​​head of the pistols, reached Toronto with his brothers, along with the 15th tierrencezor .Pittens went down 19 points in the first three quarters, but in the fourth quarters they started JD 'rivals. In the last 1.2 seconds, he won the 106: 104 tantanoosaurus in a 4-0 win over Realty Bulak (Barack).

In the first three quarters, the pistons were behind 11 points. In the fourth quarter, Stanley Johnson and Point Guard Reji Jackson scored 3 points with 15: 3. Advance.

Tyranosaurus expressed East Heritage, and Kyle Lorry and Kevinani Leonard defeated 104: 104 from two successive attacks. Opponent the opponent's crime and got a 10 second chance.

But after suspension, Leonard drifted into the bottom of the pad, knocked the ball and did not expect the pistols to get at least 2 seconds at the end of the attack. The first waves of the first waves were destroyed, the second bull fell, and Jose corrected the ball. The difference is exciting to succeed.

Pistons Star Power Format Blake Griffin 11 out of 22 shots and a game scored a maximum of 30 points. Andrew Drummond scored the lowest score in a double team. Only five out of five fifteen shots have scored 11 points. 14 points.

Tones of the 18-year-old Tionosaurus Lodnord still have 26 points in 10 points. But the last mistakes made him to victory and the team won.

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