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NBA "Shouting for Lin Shuah, Murray Admits to Asian People – Sports – China Times News

Lin Shuaho, a Chinese defender who still can't find a new NBA owner, was previously crying in a sharing session and was comforted by many NBA players According to Clutch Points, in early 2016, the Rockets' chief Murray acknowledged that Hao Ji had 15 in the draft. I should be the overall choice, but everything is because of its Asian identity!

Murray revealed in a 2016 book published in the Undoing project that he listed Jeremy Lin in scouting report 15 overall on the eve of the 2010 NBA Draft, but during that period, Murray refused. Trust the predictions made by his own scout, so the Rockets didn't like Hao Ji, so he was helpless.

However, the Rockets began to measure the explosive power of the players in the next two steps, with the results showing that Jeremy Lin's first step was faster than most players, and Moore thought that "Lin Shuha's athletic ability is incredible, but in fact everyone, including myself. I think his athletic ability is not good. I can't think of other reasons besides her Asian identity. "

Such a statement full of racism that even Jeremy Lin suffered frustration and criticism early in his career was released by the Warriors and Rockets. It was only in February 2012 that he started going crazy in New York, and he created many scouts and experts. He was beaten, and the Rockets signed the lord in the summer of 2012. Two years later, they jumped on the Lakers.

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