Saturday , February 4 2023

NBA "The Lakers Go Out to Bury the Beautiful Breenine Outside the Horse – Sports – China Times News


It seems that Lakers Tirenosaurus Star Striker is struggling to fight for "beautiful" Leonard! Although Lakers General Palinca invited "Peter Pan" to Brian, due to the loss of local journalist Abraham of Los Angeles, the league prevented "one eyebrow" Anthony Davis from attending the recruitment of former Lakers President Magic Johnson and Leonard Conference. As a lobbyist

It is possible that after the opening of the free market this year, the first lakers planned to send Leonard Boss, originally Bose Jane Bass, Magic Johnson, James and Anthony Davis to create a strong recruit team, but due to the Johnson of Magic already left, Anthony Davis official But it was stopped by joining the league.

"The one who received the latest news to me, Anthony Davis contacted Lockard to privately contact him to join Lakers," Abraham said. Additionally, Lakers General Palinca has asked Brian that Leonard contacted. "Palenka is Brian's special agent who has been for many years, and has very close personal relationships with him.

As a result, Lakers used all sources of recruitment of Leonard's. Then, they are currently in disadvantage, because Leonard wanted to renew only Tyrnosaurus or Jumper, but faced such a positive and comprehensive recruitment of the Lakers. Min, maybe Leonard would actually start thinking about the possibility of joining the lakers.

(China Times Newsletter)

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