Friday , June 25 2021

Pixel Knight Vision Mode: Helps you to get great photos in low-light atmosphere |

Today, people are experiencing the use of mobile phones to capture the amazing moments of their lives, so it's important for a mobile phone to allow you to take great photos at any time regardless of the environment. Pixel 3 uses computational photography and machine learning technology to provide camera functions such as HDR +, portrait mode, and high-resolution zoom to help users to copy amazing, fun, and professional photos. Press the shutter button to shoot the best product for you.

The glorious moments in life do not always happen in a heated environment, so Google developed pixel mode for the pixel cameras. This is a new feature that helps you shoot colors at low brightness without a snack or trick use. Bright, detailed photos. In the next few days, the pic of the phone supports three viewers on the back and two sides.

IPhone XS's smartphones HDR mode is ▲ left, right pixel is 3 nd mode.

Why night photography is a big test

The key to building a better photo is whether or not light is enough. When capturing a bluish environment, the camera increases exposure time and increases sensitivity to light making, but it's often unnecessary motion blur, producing sound for the product.

Use the flash to raise the scene of the scene, but it will cause light to fear to close their eyes to the subject or do not disturb others. Flashes are banned in many places where photography is permitted not only in an unsatisfied product but also in photography. In addition, flash can only illuminate the subjects nearby, when shooting landscapes or remote objects can not be used.

A tripod camera is more solid, but it is not lightweight and suitable for daily use. In addition, the tripod camera allows for a long time to be photographed, but the products produced by the moving material will affect the movement of the movement.

How does Nightlife Mode work?

Night Vision Mode will continue to adjust your shooting style and environment, so if you take a pixel photo or place a pixel on a smooth surface, Night Vision Mode will help you to shoot in low light source environments. Beautiful photo. Night visual mode presents the measurements of your substrate and the vigorous images before the shutter button is pressed. Pixel stable and night shooting mode is still in the state, night vision mode increases the exposure time to reduce the sound, or the pixel moves, or if there is a notable dynamic picture in the shooting scenes, Knight Vision mode captures some light and makes motion blur smaller.

The shooting will be visible as long as the real-show mode pixel is resting, and there are not many motion pictures in the shooting. (Taken in pixel 3 night vision mode).

If the subject is moving during shooting, the visibility mode will be set to prevent the movement of the movement and the resulting shot is not good. At night the Vision mode takes picture and has a much luminous light, but detailed details of the blurring of products will be illuminated and illuminated.

Although the gaming level is moderate and does not have a lot of motion pictures in the shooting range, ▲ Night Vision Mode works best. Combines multiple blurred and detailed photos with a dawn and clear picture.

Knight vision mode is designed to help you capture the nearest photos with real life, which you can arrange at night depending on the lighting you can encounter. By machine learning, the color of the photos takes to ensure night vision mode looks natural in the original color of the night.

A Family Vision mode uses an adequate network to match the color of the photos.

When and how night vision mode can be used

If you take a photo in a blurry light, the pixel will suggest the use of night vision. Specify the conclusions or choose this mode manually for accessing night vision mode. After clicking on the shutter button, try to stay up to night vision mode until the photo shoot is complete.

▲ Pixel 3XL Night vision mode.

Setting night vision to your environment, making it easy to capture within a few seconds. The following tips will help you to take great photos in a bloated room:

  • If you're shooting someone, ask the subject to stay on the station for a few seconds before and after the shutter starts.
  • Keep camera permanently. If you can, try to keep it on a regular flight.
  • Make sure the camera camera is pixel perfect. Fingerprints continue in the lens and the product is blurry.
  • If you take a picture in a very dark environment, try touching the tail with a good light to help you focus on camera.
  • Avoid removing the camera with bright light sources that may reflect the picture.
  • Night Vision Mode is not perfectly suitable for darker surroundings, so you need some light to get the best shot.

Night vision mode will be launched in the next few days, update the Google Camera app to the latest version and add # tape access # and repair and theme tags to shared photos and you can click here to go to Google Photos. Browse the shared photo album night vision mode.

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