Wednesday , January 20 2021

Shadow "Gou Yugi was moved by" Shakti Shakti ". After reviewing the account, he decided to come back. – Dangshi News

US Wang XiaMian, a documentary film starring Baseball Patrick Wang Xiamen, has shown that he has not left his spirit and has moved a lot. Left handed Guo Yijie also announced her retirement after the season last year. He said half way through the social networking site, "Look back at the bank account, I decided to come back!"

Guo Xie and Wang have a good relationship with Xi'anmin. Before the new book Wang XiMiMi published, "Little Guo" was also on the scene. But the documentary was not only enjoyed in theaters. Guo Xiaoxi shared his photo by Wang Xiamiamin Instagram and said: "On the last day, I saw # 后 建 王建民, I moved, and I looked back at the bank account. I decided to come back."

Guo Zizi's agent, Zhang Jianging said that he will discuss the role and position of the team in "Little Guo". If there is any confirmation, it will be re-announced.

(China Times Newsletter)

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