Wednesday , January 20 2021

Taichung men's jump bridges, railroad tracks, self-strength reached the bottom of the truck and died. – Zhongshi news

Today at 7:50 pm in Taichung, the man jumped into the railway from the ground bridge and ran it with a strong number and crashed into death.

It is understood that the man suddenly went to the Railroad track from the sixth part of the intersection of Huanzong Road, Taichung City and Luquia North Road, and immediately hit with self-strength. The firefighters raped him and sent him to the doctor. He still died of full body fracture. Why men fell into the train, it still needs to be specified by the police.

According to the Taiwan Railway, 141 times (seven traffic to PAP self-strength, Chaozhou) 19:55 In Taichung = Ukrainian East 198 or +310, there is a possibility of a death and injury accident in the ground bridge jump route, Road police search needs a temporary double line Not available, strengthen broadcasts to serve passengers

The ground leapt from the bridge and one person is suspected to have died. (Photo / Taiwan provided)
Taichung men's jumps were caught in the rescue at the bottom of the truck. (Provided by Taiwan Railway)

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