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Taiwanese Film and Television People Fight West, Four Truths Must Be Known – Vision Magazine

Taiwanese film and television people fight west, four truths must be known, vision magazine

In 2017, Chinese office space office broke down by 55 billion yuan, making it the world's second largest market size and the largest number of screens in the world. Moving north toward the Taiwanese film and television people, the big vision is the development of China's film and television industry, which has inspired countless expectations. However, if close-ups are taken with long shifts, the truth may be that the market is a mistake, due to a misunderstanding of intelligence, the cost of input has risen, and it has stumbled all the way. What are the risks of Zygin? What are the misconceptions of Taiwanese talent? After the cross-straits of the three links, the mainland has praised Taiwan's gorgeous scenery as a people. Many Taiwanese believe that the mainland should hear Taiwanese taste in film and television works. Indeed it is not. Taiwanese-born Taiwanese producer Yu Yuping produced his first cross-street co-production film "Jeans I Love You" in 2007. After that, she moved to Beijing and did many co-productions. However, after completing "Treasure Island of Treasure" in 2012, it was a great sound. The film takes into account the taste of both sides of the strait, and the comedy of Beijing and the role of Taiwan's second brother, two action sparks, are also very balanced. Office office fees were poor, just NT $ 35 million. Ye Euping, who is deeply grateful, has never touched the co-production on both sides. He feels deeply that "Taiwanese style is not on the mainland." Initially, she worked hard for the film. She found Taiwanese screenplays and mainland screenplays, but found that they did not understand each other's lifestyle and values. In the "hybrid" film, some Taiwanese were interesting, but the mainland audience didn't. Laughs, lack of echoes. "This is a cultural difference. Life on both sides is different from aesthetics." Ye Yuping has since used the mainland as the main market and has been buzzing with Taiwanese flavors. Generally, people behind the scenes will compare to film and television circles in mainland China …

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