Friday , June 25 2021

Thirty-five-year old Thai boxer murder case: Com

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A 13-year-old boxing bomber thrashed Samuut Sehwain of Thailand in a match despite being beaten by five other contenders, but died unexpectedly. Many Thai youths are forced to play in the game because of their poverty, even small players expect "the whole family." The Thai authorities are making legislation to ban children under the age of 12 now. But this is only because these little players encouraged their family.

▲ 5 penalties on the head! The young boxer was killed in a family (photo / flipping from Facebook)

According to Thailand's media report, the five boxes of the boxing match started on 10th of this month and beaten the child and beaten him and brought him to hospital, but unfortunately he had serious head injury and cerebral hemorrhage. Violent.

The report points out that the boxing bowl had no parents, and his uncle had lived with his uncle for a long time. He got a boxer at the age of eight and earned money to keep his family livelihood and tuitions.

This child has created social interest because adolescents do not wear gear in boxing. It has actively discussed Thai authorities for baning law from participating in the Mayi Thai competition for children under the age of 12. It is believed that from the ancient times, Myay Thai culture would be weakened and seriously affecting the lives of many poor families. .

▲ 5 penalties on the head! The young boxer was killed to help raise a family. (Video source: YouTube, please be patient if it has been removed.)
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