Saturday , January 16 2021

Today, Hong Kong, Kale, Taiwan? Hong Kong Media represents the real key of one country, two systems. Cross-Stret | Nuenues Today News

Hong Kong Street View (Flip from figure / unplugged)

Chinese President Xi Jinping talks with Taiwan "One country, two systems" with "United States consensus". President Tsai Eng-van was back and the country's important politicians expressed their views on this issue. One country, two systems are not the hottest places in Taiwan, but Hong Kong Media is also very worried about this. Hong Kong Media "Hong Kong 01" yesterday (6th) commented on the possibility of one country, two systems in Taiwan. Will the future be fulfilled tomorrow "Hong Kong"? The Hong Kong media pointed out that Taiwan's economy is believed to have improved or not. He believes that Taiwan's basic problem is not "integration and freedom", but the fatigue and illusion of people under long-term stability of the economy.

"Hong Kong 01" has reported that "Five points" of Xi Jinping on the 40th anniversary of "Taiwan Compatriots" were considered as the official announcement of Xi Jeeping in Taiwan. In the past, China's mainland hosted United Front against Taiwan. At the moment, "a country, two systems" theory against Taiwan will be officially placed on the agenda of the CCP.

Hong Kong media also analyzed that Tsai Eng-Way immediately took fire line and compared the 1992 consensus to two systems of one-country. "In fact, that's a clear idea of ​​confusion." Because the one-nation, two system system, which is not generally acceptable to Taiwan's public opinion, is a "unified way" proposed by Chinese mainland. However, in the 1992 consensus, the idea of ​​"the relative of both sides of a straight relationship" is clearly recorded in Taiwan's first article of "Regulations on Cross-Strait People's Relations". In other words, the laws and regulations on both sides of the Strait are based on the basis of "national unity" and the consensus of 1992 is only confirmed on the basis of national integration. Hong Kong Media believes that the English-Van Tsui statement is "self-explanatory."

Then, the report mentions the wave of "anti-China" waves in Taiwan society, which is slightly similar to East Hong Kong. However, the Hong Kong media also pointed out that before returning to Hong Kong, with the voting of more than 70% people, Hong Kong people wanted to return, but "I am afraid the real number is that 90% of Hong Kong people are reluctant "When China's main land is 13 and 100 million people are called public opinion, then they are Hong Kong's original public opinion and Taiwan's current public. LIKE about how to be merciful?

It is believed that "the unilateral promotion of China of peaceful integration" is a proposal that can not be avoided by both sides of the Straight. However, China's mainland can maintain its stability on how it will grow and how it will grow based on how Taiwan's economy can improve continuously. The Hong Kong media pointed out that if the Taiwan will still pay less for the last 20 years and the youth will not see the future, then more and more people will say, "Do not worry about integration, I want to earn more money." Is it the same for a country and two systems to travel? Therefore, whether or not both parties "will increase the integration" are not based on Taiwan on the CCP. The basic problem in Taiwan is "unification and freedom", but the fatigue and illusion of people under long-term stability of the economy.

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