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VM somatosensory competition in competition, tornadoes are "golden" Fan News


VM somatosensory competition in competition

The "2018VR Sensation Competition" Shroud University Animation is the biggest winner of the "Immachar Iguana" team of the game design department, with 250,000 yuan, the national championship district, the total champion of 150,000. The total prize was 400,000 yuan. Four sports teachers were trained by Chen Juni, Chen Dingki, Wu Yuang and Ding Shuyuan. Colin Webster, president of the athlete's championship, praised Schud University's performance.

The "ESSF E-Sport Olympic Games" is the 2018VR Somatoner Competition, after the tenth IASFF World E Sports Championship. It is the national e-sport tournament for the country. Language, ethnicity, and cultural boundaries for e-sports exchanges. This year's global electricity competition, which was attended by more than 700 people, was sitting in a professional cockpit cockpit, accompanied by a special VR helmet, with his comrades in the battlefield, the scene and the sound of the bomb-shells.

In April this year, the National Award for National VR Competition was announced and the Southern District Preliminaries won the "2018 Lightning Sensing Competition" in July. 150,000 yuan prize, on November 12, 2018VR Somosomense competition and 10th IASF E-Sports Championship, which will be champion and 250,000 yuan.

The Director of the SHH Zhonghe Director said: "Fortunately, a well-trained training classes, school super-cubic e-sports hall and virtual reality expansion workshop are equipped with team-mates, checking the game's abilities, environmental adaptability, spiritual strength and steadiness. Improve students' practical experience and help with unqualified fight for promotion and championship.

School of Design School of Design Dean Shou bhojan The school is making millions of investments to build an international VR Somasoscentry workshop and e-sports hall to develop innovative entertainment application skills and encourages the creation of a new basis for the Virtual and Automated Realty Realty in the Kahoyping Software Park. VRC's interactive entertainment designs attract students' interest and the Impression Ignana societies spend their free time and strengthen the VR sports skills in e-sports. Each event will be trained, boosting, mentally attitudinal, strategies, and organizational skills, making rapid progress and appreciating. "Being a gift from heaven is a gift from the present day to the effort of the day, without the effort and the ability to prove it is impossible." So Shunkeh encourages so.

Source: Shia University of Science and Technology

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