Sunday , May 16 2021

Wang Yuking's Point: Please re-support the main land permit, right and wrong? – Wind Media

Wang Yuking's Point: Please re-support the main land permit, right and wrong? Wind medium

A few days ago, the main land authorities introduced a new policy of "residence permit". MAC violated Section 9 of the Regulations on Relations between Taiwan and the Mainland (hereinafter referred to as Cross-Straights Regulations). Another scholar thinks that a draft of the Mainland tax law, if you have a "house or residence" or "there is a residence for 183 days in the mainland", it is classified as taxpayers and is subject to tax revenues inside and outside China. Tax payment, the author on the former issue, has already voted for the newspaper, do not repeat this for repeated tax issues According to the opinion of Article 15 of Chinese mainland law scholar Wang Liming and general principles of civil law: "Civil dwellers use their residence as a place of residence, where dwelling place is incapable of dwelling place and General residence is considered as the place of residence. "In the statement," household registration "exists, the main Land is the main basis for the establishment of "housing" in China. Professor Wang believes that he is related to "objective theory" and Prof Wang believes that "Section 20 of Civil Law" refers to the "purpose" facts of long-term housing with "contents" Residence "is a" reconciliation ". According to the provisions of Section 9 of Cross-Strict Regulations: "People in the Taiwanese area do not have a home-based registration or passport is not used in the mainland", and primarily asked for "residence permit" to follow the general rules of the Mainland Civil Law. It is determined that there is no need to establish "house registry", the skin does not exist, the hair joins, and where is the "residence" established? In other words, due to the establishment of "home", there is doubt about taxation of mainland China. In circumstances, by definition of residence, Stretts vary from side to side, can not be the cause of the result: Identification of residence permit, of course, is domestic registration, MAC is not such a thing, that is the possibility of the thing before section 9 In September, the main land for the Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents implemented the residence permit system. ( According to the "Taipei High Administrative Court 90 years vs. 4309", the purpose of the purpose of the Chinese mainland income tax law was 1st …

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