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2 people arrested for cannabis 785 bars worth 12 million

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November 25, 2018


Nawanwi Boat Station, Nong Khai Province, two police officers arrested two Thai-La suspects and 785 kilograms of cannabis at the cost of 12 million Baht with the Mekong River. Preparing to send south

At 16.30 pm, on November 24, the Ratnavapi Boat Station, Ratnappi, Nangkhai Province, Ewanwan Oyusark, Ratnappi Boat Station Head, Ratnappi Police Officer, Ratnappi, soldiers of Peacekeeping Army in Nang Khai province, NSTDA officials, Nagkhai police station, water police and government officials on November 24. At the press conference, 35-year-old Thao Monuad Lao and Mr. Jirasak Palasri, 43, 72 No. 7, Ban Rang, Ratnappi, Nongkhai, lived with 785 weight. A total of 785 kilograms of about 1285 baht and pickup trucks. Toyota Model Single-Engine Version Gray Registration Number 6654 Rakuburi

The arrest of the marijuana was held on November 21, 2018. Former lieutenant-colonel Aswin Ongracek, Ratnappi district, Nong Khai province, Crop Thong district, Bueng Kan Province have been reported late by drug smuggling along with Mekong River beside Shepard's pumping station head of Ratnapai Boat Station. Therefore, the coordinator of the supervisor and the arrest plan coordinates the agencies concerned. It was divided into two sets, the first set of attack near the area was instructed. I'm not sure whether this is the case or not. The drug smuggling movement will be reckless. On 23 November, at 18.30 pm, the tanker's team was delayed for less than 10 minutes. Long-distance boats (long tail) were traveled from neighboring countries on board. Many potatoes and many people sit with them. Take mecon river with boat by sex And at about the same time, a peak-up truck ran at the parking lot. Those who came with the boats loaded their ducks on the car. The ship quickly rushed to the coast. Then the official searched. An elaborate discovery found that cannabis boats were hidden in 18 boxes, including the 785 Canon. Then he expanded to arrest Sri Sri Jiracak at home.

Initial inquiry. I have been contacted by Tho Noi. Lao people are known to come in cars. Somebody will have 2,000 baht after the money to run it. I do not know what to look like as a marijuana. This is the first 2 times about 1 week ago.

Mr. Jirawak's other accused also refused to engage. But with the knowledge of the officer Mr. G. Being a driver to bring marijuana to the south. The police sent the suspects to police officer Ratnawapa for taking action against the officials.

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