Saturday , January 16 2021

2 urgent steps to help SME affected by TCG storm "PUBB"

TCG. Issue 2 Steps to Inspect and Improve SMEs Affected by Destructive Destructive Events Increase payment duration for 6 months renewal and free credit guarantee fees for maximum 2 years.

Dr. Rak Viratpokathorn, Director and General Manager Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) Explained that TCG provided two emergency measures to help SME entrepreneurs affected by catastrophic disaster.

Step 1: Current TCG customers who have to pay a renewal fee for credit guarantee can request for extension of payment guarantee fee for another 6 months

Step 2: Prepare a special credit guarantee project
Southern Tragedy SME Credit Guarantee Program for Experienced Entrepreneurs
Guaranteed Fee for up to two years, a maximum of 5 lakh baht guarantee, which helps SME entrepreneurs to quickly influence the creditworthiness. By cooperating with partner banks joining the project with TCG

Dr. Rak said that at this time, three Southern TCG offices located in the disaster areas are Surat Thani, Hut Yai and Prachup Sririy Khan. To summarize and assess the losses for immediate assistance, review the losses to SME entrepreneurs, TCGs. Enhancing the area to meet SME entrepreneurs to encourage the victims to continue For more information please contact 02-890-9999

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