Monday , May 29 2023

200 years imprisonment. Some fish "share lotteries in the sea


Racadda Criminal Court case was passed. Prosecutor's lawyer Assok, or 80-year-old Savat Sengeng Bangkak, former chairman of the University of Choologonkorn, acts as a joint fraud against the general public.

The case was filed at the beginning of January 9, 2059. The chairman is the chairman. Chullongorn University Co-operative Company, Ltd. The beneficiary will get quota or the allotment is a lottery dealer. Borrowing money to go for the purchase of lottery as part of the quota allotted to sell profits. A monthly monthly 1% or 12% per annum. All revenue is of interest. Many believe that today 183,730,000 bash treatments are from the Bangkok Special Jail Correctional Correctional Worker.

The accused convicted the accused and pleaded guilty to the guilty. Penal Code Section 341,343, fraudulent citizenship, 4.5.12 Illegal fines for fraudulent credit. What is the most severe punishment? Every five years the sentence is punishable for 2 years and 6 months. The convicted person has been convicted 100 times for guilt, and 200 years in prison for 600 months. Compensation for 100 victims of legal interest in the difference between Baht 3 million and bath 39 million.

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