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& # 39; Taxis & # 39; Machines spent more than half a million – 20 million


& # 39; Taxi Drags & # 39;

"The Taxi Drugs" half a million machines – the team that leads to 20 million big coke of raw material. Attack on Krautu

& # 39; Taxi Drags & # 39; / On November 16, General Circuit Braureau, Ph.D. Center for Crime in Technology and Information deputy director Pole. รัก กับ ที่ ไม่มี กับ ที่ เรื่อง รัก Collie Border Patrol.

Dr. Thari Krishnaswing Secretary general Food and Drug Administration Thankappan Advisor to the Food and Drug Administration Police. Ministry of Science and Technology.

SearchTHAI Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. And then Kelly Services Company, Ltd. There are 15 bags of raw materials in Chakra Road, Tuling Chan and Bangkok, 25 more raw materials, 16 trainexic acid gardides, 1 tindol, tradol branded computer labels,

The computer used to print a package of drugs, the Tindol brand label contains 5 plastic bags of label. A drug trafficking bill, Alzheimer's lot of drugs, Fathima's superior (44), factory owner and managing director H. K.

At the age of 40, he is selling Tippasri Jadachramra (40), drugs and drugs for counterfeit drugs and transfusion (48), CPN and Mr.Pongpong. Shri. Zacon the son of Thothi's son Parerogon (23)

Taling Chan Provincial Police Gazette is suspected to be the "Fake Drugs and Unregistered Drugs" on November 15, 2018, 551-554 / 2561.

Mr.PPV, Miss Tipasiri, HP Pharmacy Co., Ltd 12/1 Chakra Road, Taling Chan and Bangkok. Chiaif was arrested in the street in the province of Mr Boss Sotoviève. Home | No Bangkok, Bangkok

Big Job invaded.

Prior to this arrest, on August 17, the Center for Crime in Technology and Information National Food Agency (SOS) along with the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health

Trafficking in factory smuggling Tramadol Or not & # 39; Taxi Drags & # 39; Two of the factories in Samok Zachon province have been arrested and prosecuted and charged with their central rivals. A lot of product substrates. The damage is 20 million bats.

Later, it was discovered by the pilots. It is very popular among young people. Until the Investigation Officer I was looking for. There are factories. Drugs are not illegal in the United States due to illegal drug production. Depending on the market. Most of the teenagers who take Yamaradol appear on the Facebook page. I'm going to play water, the muscles die and drown.

I need to eat and fight.

On October 9, it was announced that there were young people affected by Tragedo. The police seized the drug in the Samtok and tenanti area and searched the drugs of Tramodol. From General Pharmacy. Since sales announcement on social media.

Hk Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. He is observing his behavior over six months, so he can be arrested in Samuthu's factory. It also extends to drug stores and offices. The value of drugs that can be arrested today is over 20 million, and will then be given to Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals purchasing drugs for drugs buying drugs.

The Warehouse is a great warehouse custom. Tari said. Generally, the production of special regulatory drugs. Report the product rate on the road. Usually, a family sells more than 20 tablets at a time. There are more than thousand tablets in store, and no children under the age of 17. A drug that requires special control.

Generally, the medicine is the money for the patient. But the quantity of medicines for pain relief. But adolescents are more likely to buy alcohol. Some controls are not harmful.

The company said that he agreed to sell more than 200 drugs for over 50 years. Drugs are selling medicines for 10 years every month. More than 7 million tablets sold 6 million dollars.

The pope raised their hands to apologize. The drug registry is going to cancel the Food and Drug Administration.

Find another 6 points to buy half a million tablets.

In addition, the suite to arrest six points, factories, warehouses and related parties in the production and distribution of trampolines in Bangkok was investigated. Chemical Company, Ltd 95, 4, Clong 13, Economic Road, Krauthumban, Samarth Sukhon.

300,000 tablets, 500,000 capsules, green and yellow tablets, 1 drug tradol, 50 chemical tanks 1,250 kg tintol label drug Drug registration number 1 A 158/52 Multiple Label TADDOL No registration number for drug trafficking. Multiple sheets are based on evidence.

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