Wednesday , August 4 2021

4 collective temples are located in the middle of the sea. Look straight from the clear (clip)

I want to say that I am not a big fan of this. Tourists' shock …

Resorts Staff at Koh Leip, Facebook User Dude Neilkakul I posted a storm video Formed up to 4 balls made for about 20 minutes and then slowly the ball becomes depleted. It is very shocking for tourists.

By the owner of Facebook. They say that they work in the resort of Koh Lip, Mue 7, Sa Cao Island, Muang, Satun, which is the main tourist attraction of Satun at 10.00 am, it gives food to tourists. Turn to see Avalon Sunrise Beach then fit after Koh Lipe on the beach. Photo taken.

The storm was too far away. But it can be seen that the storm issue is close to the eye. And that point looked away to see it. The sky is struck. But on the Koh Lip, the rain did not fall through the storm, almost the same trunk to four balls at once, slowly after that. Disperse and calm down

The incident was very shocking. But fortunately, at the point of storm. Away from Koh Lip For me, I've seen elephants' storms that formed on Barra's face, which never saw each other together. This is the first time that the four are constructed and close to each other.

Thanks for the photos and clips from Facebook. D Everett Nilsakkul

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