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Ability to reduce drug allergy control status.

Monday, November 26, 2018, at 10.45

You do not have to change your position.Allergy

Terrible pharmacists use drugs.Risk Takedown

Medicine "Loradine" Dangerous drugs are simply filled up. As a result, it can be sold without it.Pharmacist must be controlled. I also have the opportunity to announce. It is not fair that people using drugs.Affordable, Affordable, Affordable

In caseFood and Drug Administration (FDA) To adjust your positionLoratadine (Loratadine)As an opponent for allergies The drug is original.Do you have to pay by the doctor?Only pharmacist. The drug has not expired.Hazardous medicines or special medications. Which can be sold byGeneral drug sales.

Dr. Suvadei Pangai, Ph.D. Tung Khao Luang, Roy Ate said that Lauren is a dangerous drug. And did not report the past features.Describe the drug. Includes reaction with other medications.By Central InformationProduct safetyB (HPVC) in year 2018, or just the durationJust one yearUseful Features of UseLorraine up to 501 cases

Suvade said that the original Lauren was designatedDangerous drugs are sold onlySale of current drug (1).Keep the pharmacist on the store.If the position is low.Simply filled up It can be sold, but it can be soldCurrent Drug Dealers Drug ContainerFinishing non-dangerous drugs or special treatment drugs (Ex. 2).Do not take prescription. And there is no pharmacist to take care of.Anyone

"The reason for theThe condition of medicines is to help.People use drugs more easily.Information from the Drug License Base In the year 2561. There is a pharmacy in Thailand. Of them 18,900, while there are only 2,940.It means shop. Ratio is greater than 1. " Mr. Suvade said.

If you do not reduce the position of the lorient.I've finished packing. Loratadine is heavily used.I do not think so.Especially when it was purchased.Give a thumb in the cold. The drug is not effective.How to reduce the nose.

In addition, the fair amount of lorraine1 tablet, which will be active.1 day but people are often familiar.Eat breakfast in the morning or at breakfast every 4-6 hours. Or eat symptoms. As a result, there will be negative consequences.If you are taking medicines, you should take them with you.The reaction will cause adverse reactions.Increased cardiac arrhythmia.

"An announcement is a concern. The law says that drug can not be declared a drug.If the status is below. Will doYou can advertise your medicinal properties.Media is public. This will make moreThe use of medicines is not fair.Of course, the question is if I want peopleBut there is accessWhat are the benefits of improperly? "The child said.

Mr. Suvade said that the difference of opinion and disorganization statement.You can change the status of your account.Lauren Dean has not heard of this ideaIn such a short time. Then it does not appear.Without knowing anything at the end of the last.National Board of Medicine. Now the resolution has reduced the status of the drug.National Drug Board has not been announced yet.

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