Friday , June 18 2021

Book now! Booking OPP R17 Pro will get 15,000 bags at a lower price.

Advanced Information Services Public Company Limited or AIS Touch and Thai Oppe Co.. Bookings open The OPPO R17 Pro is a new smartphone from RPO's AR Series with special promotions!

The AIS OPPO R17 Pro is now open on November 30th. Customers will get free world class entertainment up to 15,000 bats. Watch movies – Get AIS players free of charge for up to 6 months, free 9,200 bits free of charge

The OPPO R17 Pro has two attractive colors: the emerald green, the green and the bright green. Side shade color. Each corner reflects the different colors.

(Photo OPPO R17 Pro)

Opp R17 pro proposes to nip the night with ultra nite mode. Ultra night mode has OIS + smart aperture + AI ultra clear engine. To analyze the picture, aperture can be arranged for night photography, including AI. Correcting light and color is appropriate

Outside is beautiful. The inner structure is also remarkable. 25 megapixel front facing camera 3 floors behind the camera. (12MP +20 MP + TOF) Unlock fingerprint sensor using 2F to 3D with fingerprint printer using 3D camera technology. Enables you to easily unlock your screen on the screen Waterdrap screen 6.4 "AMOLED screen is made of grill glass, which is twice the number of gore glasses.

SupermiCC Flash in Thailand Superschy Flash charges 40% in 10 minutes.
The 128 GB CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 is equipped with a 128 GB RAM and the functions are full of slugs.

In this clip you can learn more about OPPO R17 Pro with a better life style.

This relationship between the mobile network and the OPPO smartphone brand is an implementation of the OPPO R17 Pro. Each customer experience provides a new smartphone package. For more information please contact us at OPPR Show.


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