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Cancer is the most cancerous occurrence among women in Thailand and all over the world.


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& # 39;Breast cancer& # 39;Breast Cancer is a common cancer. 1 Thai women and all over the world. A disease that women should focus on. Especially those in the risk group.

No.. The Framongclaw Hospital said that people with a cancer specialist risk preventing the ongoing causes of cancer. Regular screening for breast cancer. Your doctor is your brain cancer screening. Breastfeeding Breast Cancer is one of the highest rates for breast cancer. 30


"Cancer is detected soon. If you are properly treated as a medical professional, it will be healed."

In current breast cancer conditions. That's right. Advanced Medical Technology. Best screening system Best diagnosis Now caregivers are contemplating their own health. Cancer can be detected in the early stages. There is a possibility of healing.

When breast cancer treats a diagnosis. A group of doctors will be treated in surgery, radiologists and cancers. Join the best and most appropriate treatment program for each patient.

This is done by choosing breast cancer treatments. Suitable for early detection of breast cancer. Now do not need to cut the breastfeeding entirely. You can choose a breast surgery. Breast cancer and neighboring tissue, or the use of radiation therapy. "Radiation/Radiation"

There is also hormone treatment. Or anti-hormone drugs. Use some type of hormone sensitive. Chemotherapy (Chemotherapy) Or chemo

The new approach is to use drugs that specialize in cancer cells. Target therapy This is a treatment of drugs including cancer, which affects the specific deadly disease.

No.The state has said. The patient has primary knowledge of breast cancer. Talk to a doctor about patient's illness. Listen to yourself to become infected. There are plenty of information on the Internet today.

"But the doctor advised patients to choose reliable sources. The Cancer Society of Thailand website. Or use it regularly with a regular phone. You can download the application you are applying for. Pink alert Take a preliminary check whether breast cancer awareness is at risk for us. Self-Testing Technician Cancer Care Center Find FAQs Have a Check check function with a doctor." No.Nyan State

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Nararom Qin Komoltang, MD, Early Stage Breast Cancer Patient Experience Share "Mulappal is in the uterus of the umbrella. 34 The year is not in the risk group. I came to visit a doctor. Breast cancer appears in the beginning. What a luck! I want to speed it faster faster.

"The treatment of each cancer patient is not the same. We are like chest 2 I also behave with one another. Left with a hormone drug with light. I recommend all women to look at their health and breasts – light, kayamo, and light on both sides. Makes her breastfeeding feel unusual. Find out from reliable sources. Go to doctor. The difficulty with breast cancer is not so serious." Nourmol pharmacy

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