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Chuwait Poeng Feng Lake warned that the Baroque formula is not long.

After the government of General Preet Chan-Ocha, the small party got the boiling water, the first vote to sit. Mr. Chuwait Commonwicet A former party leader in Thailand has posted a Facebook page "Have a baby, build a house, have a small party, the government falls.

I used to say before the government was established. "Baroque formula" that doesn't last long though the sound is above half truth But for a sound enough to establish a government, it forced each party to give a small seat for 1 seat

Now I've seen the little party. How is it?
With a small party it is small enough that the decision can be changed at any time, every minute. Because it is a modern time MP, what must be done now

If you still remember when a Thai Thai Thai party uses a small party service, it was born until the court ordered the party to dissolve.
This government voted for water. Until it becomes a necessity to use a small party service should be fanatical The small party has water. The price of installments suddenly increased

Mal was not able to capture the black rice vessel and went on to become an "independent protest".
Rather than "If I lack, you will feel", it is simply "Price Opposed."
So the result came out like this. Don't think pushing "political nature". He cannot escape the truth. Even if one thinks strongly about how distorted politics is.

Government Establishment "Together We Are"
As a government, "You say go, I want to know who this type of person is. Why?"
If you want to cleanse Hearty with the small party, then there is no problem getting back into government. But nothing happened because of the true freedom of the danger of always being an independent opposition whenever you vote

How much water can it go? The budget is worth it only this October quarter.

It's time to separate. People prepare. Who backs on politicians "

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