Tuesday , August 16 2022

Diabetic bridge disease


Bangkok – 15 November – Hualaki hospital

Diabetes is a genetic disease. But this is not just genetic modification. There are dangerous traits like diabetes, stress, obesity, and sweating. I like high sugar, smoking, exercising, and exercising. These people are also prone to diabetes.

Dr. Hughes Hospital said that Pangsavat leakpai, diabetes and endocrinology specialist diabetes patients are not a disease. But the number of diabetes in Thailand does not decrease. Thirsty, dry matter, frequent urine, frequent starvation, weight gain, unusual discomfort, blurred vision, and faint outlook are all too big. It is difficult to regenerate the special symptoms of tea, especially the hands and feet. Diabetes can be at risk, so symptoms must be approached by a doctor. The doctor should check if the patient has a diabetes morbidity. From time to time. Excess blood sugar levels can cause heart disease, stroke, kidney, eyes, vision problems, and oral diseases.

The main thing that can prevent diabetes is to normalize blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Keep the nutritional supplements in the diet and avoid alcohol. Include smoking regular practice. Pregnant women should take the initiative. See the doctor regularly. Broadcast for diabetes. Diabetes can be diagnosed in pregnancy if possible.

Huquaki has a special team of doctors, diabetes and endocrinology. Related areas. Cardiovascular disease and kidney disease, including experienced and experienced nurses and doctors, including heart diseases, rehabilitation, physiotherapists, doctors, doctors etc. To provide complex treatment when walking on foot, with physical therapist diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and chronic cuts.

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