Tuesday , January 26 2021

Emphasizing the position as the leader of the global IOT, Bose started the campaign to increase the image of IOT's strength.

"Like Bosch" Or "Bosch Bosch Model" Campaign is the campaign's tagline to create a new global image for Bosch, a world-class technical and leading service provider. The campaign has been launched recently. The company hopes that this campaign delivers a message to Bosch's leadership in disclosing the connectivity products and solutions. Hip-Hop Music Video Clip is used by Launched Finisher, in which IOT is a protagonist as a specialist. It can be said that Bose is entering a new empire of business by creating a "like a bosch" campaign. Guidelines and patterns are clearly different for the company's new journey. The year was founded in 2429. This part is based on the viral video clip and its popular theme & # 39; Like boss & # 39; Which is widely distributed on the Internet. With millions of views, the video will show to people who are funny or stunt able to survive in situations that can be practically pragmatic.

Bosch IOT image campaign will use only few character changes. The protagonist is a man who can control and administer everything easily to add features to attract attention to the Internet. Using Bosch's interconnected solutions, which used only smartphones, was able to drive the car. Lawn mower and coffee maker can also be smart, smart and agile, confident that he & # 39; likes this Bosch & # 39; Can handle everything in the form of

Viral current, IOT

"We prefer a story that is going on the Internet around the world and entering into humor and re-interpreting it."
"This campaign wants to send a message that will clearly tell everyone if there is no need of IOT technology, everyone will have to think." The company wants to detect the intensity of IOT for large awareness. This issue is compatible with products and related systems in driving technology, including other video clips, starting from over 400,000 employees to help select and share video to reach a wider audience through all relevant communication channels, which will be released later this year. Additionally, Hamburg's leading advertising agency is ready to meet the image-expanded campaign created by Yong Phonamats. Continually integrate all digital and social media channels in Germany

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Bosch continues to focus on increasing ICT technical leadership awareness and expansion. Over 38 million devices per year, reflecting the sales of products to be easy to use and control over the internet. 2017, which is currently focused on developing about 20% of the company's 27,000 software developers, especially IOT. Bosch hopes that the global IOT market will grow.
35% per year, resulting in total annual production value up to $ 250 billion by 2020. Bosch aims to be able to connect the electronic devices of the company to the Internet, in addition to this, each device will be able to provide more smart services than more services, smart databases and AI technologies.

More information on the campaign www.bosch.com/stories/internetofthings

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