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Enjoy it! IOC in 2012 Gained bronze.


"Pook" a Thai Thai Weight Leave, Siripuch Kulmoi. The bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 2012 after more than six years of waiting.

58-year-old Siripuch Kulmi receives bronze medal. In the 2012 London Olympics in the United Kingdom in 2018 in the liftlifting contest in Ashgabat. President of International Weightlifting Federation, Turkmenistan, President of the Tamas Ajana ceremony.

Syriac is third from Ukraine and third from fourth place. Finding the use of prohibited materials. It was captured. With the tears "I got up" in my eyes. This Olympic bronze medal is happy. This is a great honor. It is a big Olympic bronze medal. Though the medal is less than six years less, it will eventually make favors.

After losing weight, he returned to his home. I work in agriculture and help families. To sell it in the market in the sun. Like other weighty trainers, I really like military service.

This train was coached by Surin Mahudal, coach and coach of Ampol Rama Moolal and Santhi Hospital. This one

I was happy at Siripat's Olympic bronze medal, "said Apeuran Ratukul. I've got it because of my own efforts. It is the school's director. Let's support the budget. Surin, Surin, and Sarin of Chari District.

Peace is with patience, as a coach. I want to make Siripan Kulm's future better than this in real heart, but this is good. Especially this bronze medal. Surin created an Olympic medal winner to win the gold medal "chicken" Pena Gold in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

To return to Thailand on November 8, 2019, & # 39; Poet Ghetto & # 39; The film is also organized. The Tiger 645 will operate from the Nawab Airport at Suwar International Airport on Sunday, November 16. In 2018, the World Cup final Turkmenistan in Ashgabat has nine gold, 4 silver and two bronze medals.

Association of Sports Weightlifting Images from Thailand Thank you.

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