Saturday , January 23 2021

Ganguda Goodness, Punch, Punch, Clash, Knockley, Nine Phoef Dam, 2 Fighting, Boxing, Better Road, Thai Well, Thai way

The first Thai boxing match of the year is Boxing Nokan, Ranagung, Gurga, Thip, Miami, Bangpo Condo Kick, Kick, Punch, Punch, Knock, Knock, Nine, Black, Su, Suji, Noodles, Dumpling, Collect, 2, Only, Couple, Fight, Boxing, Good, Way, Thai, Sunday, January 6, 2019, Stage, Blue, Arena Equivalent Province, CD Duo

Sumi Prakan Province on the Thai Boxing Blue Arena Boxing Ring, Accomplish De, Miami Bangpo Condo (Dang), Nava Pho Sue, Noodles, Dumplanges (coordinate) meets 127-129 pounds. Rating Garuda Deon opens 3-2 referee keynote bonuses but every heavy weapon kick, punch, punch, scary. Sien fought for 2-1.

Move, Kick, Kick, Leg, Punch, Punch, Increase Two Galatas Deities Nine foes tried to fight, to throw away, to fight, but before being hit by Garud Devi with Punch and Features, Garuda Devi did not wait to speed up, till the aborted board till nine phaw dams hanged legs. 8 Garuda Devi punched the punched kick until 8 p.a.m. hit the referee for the ninth time. Yao Nin Pho Dame Long Referee took the initiative to stop the fight and kept Garuda God to win his own hand in the second round.

Meet Pairs Mitsitsi CD (Red) Fit Chain, Wichitrite Wright (Blue) coordinates 113 km. Rating Open Fit Chai 3-2 Referee Chechai Chota First First Win Conqueror Original Title Pete Upp Wise, 7-4, Increase to Two Meows. Small. Come on, let's splash, punch, punch Win, kick, strain, win the fight, but find out the heave about the foot's fall. But winning the big win at night, won 5-2, won, won three goals, won a victory, won a win, but could not be counted quickly. The prices are running immediately, at the end of the fight, try to splash the knee against the knee . But after winning the victory this game has stopped and crushed, this flower sleeps well before the end of an incomplete victory. Directors do not need to count, turn to raise their hands to gain victory.

For other boxing effects, Mahakai's power has developed elbows, winning diamond tigers, and winning the Miami Banga condom number 3. Tooth Elbow, Knock Knot, Diamond Manat, Cave Sumit, First Rise, Pruez Muang, Nong Bua, Knock Nokod, Pet Fit, Naronghai Rice 2, Kamchai 13 Coins Resort, Nakasu Suzy Noodle, Winton Noodles.

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