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Good medicine! "Breast milk" helps in various diseases in infants

Good medicine!

The Queen's Circuit National Institute of Medical Services Child for Child Health indicates that breastfeeding is the first drop of the mother's milk. Help protect children from infections and various diseases, and reveal 10 steps for breastfeeding in infants and sick children.

Breast milk is a drug that protects against many diseases. Affects Brain Development Reduce Infection in Sick Children Reduces Death Rate from Diarrhea Reduces the chance of infection in the lower respiratory tract and RSV Reducing the severity of bronchiolitis symptoms caused by

Good medicine!

Infants and newborns need to be hospitalized There will be an opportunity to be separated from the mother-child or to avoid breastfeeding for various reasons Lack of the opportunity to get breast milk, which is the most valuable and important food in life, the mother participates in raising and keeping babies with medical staff. Ways to be and support should be supported and explored when infants The sick should be balanced with the child's mother and children should learn together, are admitted to the hospital until the baby is not as strong. And the mother must be ready to take care of the baby herself at home. Should be given the opportunity to be comfortable with children and organize activities to give the child a chance to touch close

Good medicine!

Dr. Adisai Bhatta, MD, Queen Circuit National Institute of Child Health, revealed that the Queen Circuit National Institute of Child Health recognizes the importance of breastfeeding for both the sick and the common baby, therefore established a breast milk clinic to encourage the newborn to breastfeed the infant. Allow 24 hours a day, a study of readiness before going home Do breastfeeding counseling service

Good medicine!

10 Steps to Breastfeeding in Sick Children:

Step 1: Breastfeeding Information in Sick Children Provide information about breastfeeding to parents and infants' families during pregnancy. Emphasis is on the value of breast milk in terms of how useful breast milk is and for infants and sick babies, as well as boosting immunity for low birth weight infants and infants.

Step 2: In order to fully stimulate the production of fast and continuous breastfeeding stimulation milk, the mother must squeeze the milk 8 times every 2-3 hours.

Step 3, Storage of milk

Step 4: Oral coating with breast milk Apply breast milk to oral cavity every 3 hours

Step 5 CDs allow the mother to hug the meat with the meat attached. Strengthen the mother's love and bonds Stimulate milk production Promote milk to come faster Baby Breastfeeding baby Breastfeeding baby Breastfeeding Increases confidence in baby care Increases immunity through breast milk

Step 6 for breast sucking CD is preparing to suck the milk from the breast by squeezing the milk for 15 minutes before allowing the baby to suck directly from the breast. Start training for breastfeeding

Step 7: Transition to Breastfeeding The baby should be allowed to learn about breastfeeding

Step 8: Measuring the amount of milk a baby gets will help to confirm if the baby is getting enough milk?

Step 9 Learn with CDs, Preparation, and the Real Events That Will Build Self-Confidence Before Returning Home

Step 10 has a system for monitoring the mother after being sold from the hospital. Follow up after bringing the baby home. To support and assist in the continuation of breastfeeding

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