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Greece Free-Kick Mania! Invaded this place in Madrid, Savilla continued to hold the crowd.

Greece Free-Kick Mania! After the crowd in Madrid invaded Seville's point.

Despite being firing to get first place for a resident of Sewis, Wisam Ben Jader, but "Brand Bear" came to Antoni Grease. Munni hit a free kick at the end of the first half so that the team could get a draw for the rival. Divide the points 1-1 prior to the end of the game, still holding the team with 35 points in front of Madrid, while Sevilla is third in the "Big Match" with 33 points in La Liga game. Sunday night in Spain, before January 6

Stadium: Estadorimon, Sanchez, Piscan, (Sevilla)

Savilla, the host who is third in the score table, lacks two Argentine players Franco Wazack and Gabriel Mccado. France's midfielder Montgom Gonzales was both flat-fined, including.

Against the striker, French striker Vismam Ben Yelde, netting with the Portuguese national team striker Andre Silva.

"Bear brand" means ATOKO in Madrid, Diego Costa, Lucas Air Canon Days, Philip Louise and Gelsong Martins in deputy crews have not been hurt. All the reason behind Saul Saul's return to the left side in this game is to return

In the next match for Angel Korea, played the Argentine's role in killing net with Antoni Grease Mann

Open the first half of the game for approximately 15 minutes. The home team first greeted me. Jesus Nasabas opened a free kick to shoot Rocky MESA in the left sector's penalty area. The ball does not match the frame.

The game came on 27 minutes. The bear responded to Angel Correa to pay Greece's Antony. Mann left the left hand in the left part of the penalty area to protect Thomas Weekick. Sevilla's anus

However, in the 37th minute, Sevilla started 1-0 at the start of the first round of the first round of Daniel Carlo, but the ball came in the direction of the Visa. Ben Eder, 28-year-old striker, returned with a shot from the center to the left of the French, Penalty Area. Bol scored the ball and this season was the 9th goal of Ben Jadre in La Liga.

After two minutes, the bear's team came back quickly. Metamer Liemer Antoni was exposed to Greece. From the outside of Munni's ball, Coin's turnout turned into Thomas Leicester's lever. Grandmothers

In the last minute of the match, in the last minute, Madrid defeated Antonio Grease with a 1-1 draw. Ball crossed the wall and hooked it to the right corner. And Greece's eighth goal. The first half draw of the 1-1 draw in La Liga this season

Starting from 8 minutes after playing in the second half, Sevilla got the first chance when André Silva paid Pablo Serrabian to press the left side out of the penalty area, but with Olek's safety. Bear brand Anas

Middlesbro came in 65 minutes. There was some chance in Madrid when Thomas Parle threw Saul Yugis to the penalty area, but Thomas Wikiik defended the defender.

At the end of the 82nd, the bear had to win again. The party paid for Greece. Mann was shot in the middle of the penalty area for the safety of Thomas Weekick.

Prior to the end of a two-minute game, Bear had managed to win the party from the exit of the penultimate area from the penultimate area to the neck of Greece, but the fly away after finishing the Theila Vikal, Savilla's game. 1-1 draw Deogo Simon's team is second with 35 points, while Sevilla has 33 points to number three.

List of players from both teams

Sevilla: Thomas Wicklick – Jorionong (Ibrahim Amado, 90), Daniel Carriso, Sergio Gomez – Kuezhanabas, Pass Bolzarbia (Quincy Promenus 79), Everbranes, Rock Massa, Sergio Escudoro – Visam Ben Yedar (Bernen Killen, 90 + 3), André Silva
a. Madrid: Ollac – Juan François Torres, Stefan Sieve, Diego Goin, Saul Gijes – Thomas Parney, Rodney Ernestes, Gok, Thomas Le Mar (Big Korma Chambeito, no. 60) – Angel Correa (Francisco Monteiro 79), Antonio Grease

Referee: Antonio Metwella

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