Sunday , May 16 2021

I'm not sure whether this is the case or not. Mobile Campers makes cheap packages.

The Broadcasting Commission's Secretary-General, Thicken Tantheshith, National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has announced plans to offer low-income users free SIM card holders free of charge to access the Internet. Property as well as useful information If you already have a SIM card. To increase the amount of free internet, NBTC is currently in discussion with the Finance Ministry. At the latest meeting of 30 November, NBTC proposed that low-income or low-income people should be reimbursed to purchase internet packages to receive those cards. People who have used the original SIM card at the top will not be issued a new SIM card.

"The initial amount is expected to be 50 baht, NBTC has coordinated with the telephone network operator to support it, which is expected to come out. This is the first time I have ever seen this because we adhere to the government policy. That is said, said Mr. Thakorne.

NBTC deputy secretary general Pritit Danachiwicht said that free SIM cards and free internet projects are the finance ministry's project to support NBTC as a coordinator. And if it does not have a budget. Presently, research and development Broadcasting Fund has a total of 149 million Bahts in the television and public transport business, as well as a meeting with concerned agencies including the Prime Minister's Office of Prime Minister Babbasak Bhutkkul Mantri. Finance ministry and telephone network service providers. Total budget is not final. The original number is 50 baht, 50 paise per month for those who are prepaid or sim card not paid for prepaid subscribers, you have to buy a SIM card or get a free SIM card. Service is already available, which does not have to be a special service provider's SIM card.

Mr. Kritijit said that NBTC has coordinated with both Advance Infosystem Public Company Limited (AIS) and True Corporation Public Company Limited (True Corporation Plc). How does the package work? To not interfere with the current data service provider as a source of income for the business. Service providers have to pay NBTC for the bid. The app will be able to set the speed in government data at 512 Kbps, which can be seen by the video. Irrevocable

Mr. Wanchai said that concern is the registration of State welfare card. Is the cardholder's registered phone number and the registered number owns or owns the owner and is also active? It may be that the top income will not reach the real income, but will also consider the overlap of NBTC projects. This project provides high speed internet and cellular telephone services (USON) in the border area of ​​3,920 villages. It should be considered and verified that users will overlap.


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