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Date Is there a moment to wait for 3:00 pm (in Thailand) and stimulate the world's science on November 27, 2006, NASA's Insight Can I Land on Mars successfully?

This operation started on 5 May, 61, 18:05 (in Thailand). Insight was released from its calendar at its Wandenberg Air Force Base. United States is the main objective of collecting geological information from Mars.

Secondary mission: To test the ability of the live Mars Landings to return to Earth, traveling with two small satellites, Wal-E and Eva (the name of the Wall-E Robot), to insights the vehicles. has provided that information. In the Insight Mission on Mars there are three main stages: 1. In the atmosphere 2. 2. Touch the surface and the ground.

Landing on Mars is a final rock mission. There are many problems and obstacles from the atmosphere of Mars, which is just 1% of the Earth's atmosphere.

And when it is passed The atmosphere is weaker than the world. So the parachute used is very effective. Due to gravity on Mars, it is only 38%, so that the vehicle can fall to the ground at high speeds. And parachute itself can not be delayed. Need a rocket to slow the vehicle's speed before landing.

The landing process is very fast. Take control of computers on pre-programmed vehicles. But when it comes to real time It is necessary to process, analyze, and solve a computer. A bit of programmatic error will cause the mission to fail immediately.

Landing gear was successful. To store geological information, it will be submerged deep below the surface of Mars approximately 5 meters. SPACETH.CO page will remain alive after November 27, 61, 01.00., NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Astronomist Astronomy (Public Institution) Ministry of Science and Technology

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