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It also supports Novo immunology research.


Bangkok – 12 Nov – Nova Vida

Neavavida inragrerriv 100,000 Bhatt, Medical Center Cancer Center for Excellence in terappiyile contribute to the Medicine Faculty khun tavisk vearkearnviccrr, khun Anand tavisangiri, khun vittittearnvijit Sorrows, trisirr pisirrkul Khan, head of the culaleankearn sisrrairrik Biology Center of the University faculty of pharmacy as a mem culaleankearn datakkalenna Eariyal Hospital of the King

Cancer Immunization Fund, EM Medicine Faculty, ChulalonCorn University University of Cancer Research Tricet explained the pitch suit.

"We're developing cancer. How to unlock laikkeasairr function? Nobel Prize-winning discovery paved the way for the development of PD-1 protein in cancer treatment taskku heajea. Some of the cancer cells. As a" break "from the cancer that prevents the destruction of PD vairramitrannal -1 are added together, the protein prevents laingikeasairrukal And.

Immuno Checkpoint Inhydride defends the process of improving the brake breed developed here, unlocking the functioning of white blood cells. Cancer can destroy the cells. We have the natural processes to effectively detect and destroy cancer cells. Only some processes have been blocked. This antibody is the hope of treating Cancer in Thailand in the future. This applies to imported drugs and the current high price.

In patients who respond to drugs. There is a very good luck. This works best when used with other immune systems. The Center for Excellence in Immunotherapy has been developed as an alternative to the Thai people. Research is currently under way to respond to an antibody. Jean inspection. Center. Gene assays developed to predict drug reaction. "

Contributions can be paid to the interested persons: Chullongon Memorial Cancer Center Saving Account Faculty of Medicine Account 408-004443-4 SIAM Commercial Bank Email: [email protected], Facebook Fan Page Page CU Cancer Immun Theruth Fund, Receipt twice.

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